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Mar 18, 2016 4:59 PM ET

Dreammation EFX Studios Inc.: 360 Degree Digital Media Company helping children around the world learn, starting with their very first birthday

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 18, 2016

Dreammation EFX Studios Inc.

360 Degree Digital Media Company: Television – Books

Dreammation EFX Studios is a new up-and-coming entertainment media and merchandise company dedicated to helping children around the world learn, grow and celebrate life’s special moments, starting with their very first birthday.

With a cast of fun, relatable original characters and a broad range of media and merchandise to choose from, Dreammation helps children everywhere explore their world through the magical process of play.


Like so many great children’s entertainment companies, Dreammation begins with a story: the story of the first birthday party.

The First Birthday Party, by K & K Johnson, is a children’s book telling the story of how Filbert the Dinosaur and his Party Pal friends celebrated the very first birthday party millions and millions of years ago.

An engaging story told in lively, easy-to-follow language and featuring colorful illustrations, The First Birthday Party is already on track to become a beloved classic that children everywhere will enjoy for years to come.


The story doesn’t end when you reach the book’s final page: with television, music, internet and mobile programming, along with apparel, toys and other merchandise, there are all kinds of ways you can join Filbert and the Party Pals on their adventures!

Our first TV program, “Filbert’s Big Bash,” was broadcast 7 days per week in small towns & cities across the United States. Now, we are in the process of developing 2 seasons of programming featuring Filbert and the Party Pals for PBS, which will introduce Dreammation to the network’s 100 million weekly viewers.

And there are still more exciting Filbert and the Party Pals projects to come, including web and mobile activities and even a 3D movie!


The final piece of the Dreammation puzzle: helping kids everywhere celebrate their birthdays just like Filbert and the Party Pals!

For today’s busy parents, putting a kid’s birthday party together can be a stressful, time consuming and expensive experience. At Dreammation EFX Studios, we provide parents with everything they need to make their children’s birthday special:

Our party kits include 135 different items, all featuring one or more of our unique characters, and retail for the affordable price of $24.99. We also offer inflatable bounce houses and slides to make the day even more memorable, plus a live entertainment option that gives children the chance to meet and party with their favorite characters live in person!


Dreammation is committed to being The birthday authority for kids and parents everywhere, and making every child’s birthday a memory they’ll treasure for years to come.


Dreammation EFX Studios is already well on its way to becoming a worldwide name in high-quality, 360-degree family entertainment.

We celebrated our initial launch in China, where The First Birthday Party has been purchased for schools, with 100,000 copies sold to date. Now, we’re ready to bring the birthday fun to the United States and other countries around the world! Here’s an outline of what we have achieved in the US so far:

The First Birthday Party is now available for purchase and download at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.com. We are also working on a large book order from a major U.S. retailer. 


We have a relationship in place with Arthur House, a subsidiary of publishing giant Random House.

We are scheduled to appear in several trade magazines and catalogs in the coming months including:

The Advance Magazine
Circulation of 13,500+ booksellers and librarians

The Independent Voice Catalog
25,000+ subscribers

ForeWord Magazine
23,000+ bimonthly subscribers

The First Birthday Party received Honorable Mentions at the San Francisco Book Festival and the Paris Book Festival. We have also entered the New York Book Festival, and will also participate in the London, Hollywood, and Readers’ Favorite Book Festivals in 2014.  


We have received advance orders for our materials from select schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District, along with other districts across the US.

Our existing clients include: Walt Disney Company, Michael’s Arts & Crafts, Kroger, MGM Grand Hotels & Casinos, Children’s Hospitals, and the Special Olympics


is responsible for new business development and product design at Dreammation EFX Studios. He has extensive experience with intellectual properties. His background includes music creation, TV production and writing.

handles capital acquisition and business management at Dreammation EFX Studios. He graduated from the Ohio State University and has background in both pharmacy and business management.

is responsible for television relations and education business development for Dreammation EFX Studios. He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army Finance Corps. He has 33 years of experience selling 403b tax shelters, and was the first person ever to reach $1 million in sales in the tax shelter annuity industry.

deals with new business development and marketing for Dreammation EFX Studios. His backgroudn includes a position at Walt Disney, where he was resonsible for the Walt Disney Concert Library, as well as all Walt Disney direct-to-video releases for publishing and artist royalty purposes.

is the finance team leader and fund manager for Dreammation EFX Studios. He has an MBA in Finance and an extensive background in both general information and institutional finance, including a position with the Los Angeles Unified school district.

is responsible for global sales and marketing of Dreammation EFX Studios products. She was a top sales producer in the hospitality industry, who maintained an average of 125% achievement of revenue goals annually. Her background includes positions at Carlson Hotels, Raddison Hotel LAX and Sanofi-Avenits Pharmaceuticals.

has been with the company since the first official product sketch and has been very instrumental in the ongoing success of Dreammation EFX Studios Inc.  He is a Broadcast Engineer, he has his FCC License for satellite communications, television broadcast, equipment installation and repair.  He has 50 years experience in R&D, aircraft and electronics development, production, and quality control. Mr. Walker has a vast knowledge of today’s technology

Contact Information:

Keith Johnson, President
Chris Noches, Treasurer
Will Holloway, Secretary
Terry Josephson, EVP of Marketing

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