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Archived: Rhonda – Chef Ron’s Pastries: A classic American minority-owned pastry company balancing classic French techniques with the latest cooking trends

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Chef Ron’s Pastries

Oakland, CA


Personal Story

Chef Ron’s Pastries (“CRP”) is a family run business, consisting of siblings Ron and Rhonda, Bay Area natives. Ron graduated from California Culinary Academy in 2004 and has since worked at UC Berkeley in dining services. He is currently a Food Service Manager at UC Berkeley where he manages 200 career, limited and student staff. He now has over 17 years of experience in the food industry and decided to launch a business that merges his love for French culinary techniques and classic American Pastries.

Rhonda graduated from American Intercontinental University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business and Fashion Design. Since then, she has been an entrepreneur, as the owner of a clothing line, and in the service industry as a property manager and marketing associate. Rhonda is currently in the marketing department as a Retail Specialist for the United States Postal Service. Her passion for family and love of food and bringing people together has propelled her into this new stage of entrepreneurship.

Together, Ron and Rhonda intend to leave a long lasting legacy for their family. They believe in producing high quality pastries to share with their local community, the Bay Area and over time worldwide. CRP will focus on recreating classic American pastries with a French flare.

The future is bright for CRP with a vision of opening bakeries, restaurants, food trucks, and distribution centers.

Business Description

Chef Ron’s Pastries, (CRP) is a classic American minority-owned pastry company that applies French techniques to ensure its pastries are moist and rich, without being overbearing.

CRP takes time to develop recipes by balancing classic French techniques with the latest cooking trends, and using the best possible ingredients.

While there are other pastry companies, CRP’s commitment to using fresh local ingredients and elevating classic American pastries is unique. The business motto is “fresh is best” and the company will provide only the freshest ingredients to satisfy customers.

CRP’s mission is to create pastries, made with love and from fresh ingredients, that remind customers of their childhood or fond memories. With offerings like homemade chocolate chip cookies, pecan bars and cheesecakes, customers are sure to incorporate these classics into their family events and gatherings. CRP offers classics that everyone loves, but may not be able to make themselves. With CRP’s classic American pastries, customers are bound to have an amazing event or gathering.

The company will start out with a small offering of pastry bars, cookies and cheesecakes. From there, CRP will expand into other areas, including cakes and cupcakes.

What is the purpose of this loan?

By having working capital, marketing dollars, and equipment we will be able to attend and sell at many more events. More specifically the equipment needed for events such as Festivals, Fairs, and Farmers Markets are, tents, refrigeration components, portable generators,and tables. The loan will also assist in paying current kitchen rental space. With the financial stability this loan brings we would increase our visibility and ultimately increase our level of success. This will also give us the ability to hire employees and create stable jobs for our local economy.

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