Meet PERI: the design and manufacturing innovator dedicated to building next-gen audio products that empower music lovers everywhere to live life out loud - iCrowdNewswire

Mar 17, 2016 3:20 PM ET

Meet PERI: the design and manufacturing innovator dedicated to building next-gen audio products that empower music lovers everywhere to live life out loud

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 17, 2016


PERI is innovating the most exciting portable Wi-Fi audio products.

Meet PERI: the design and manufacturing innovator dedicated to building next-gen audio products that empower music lovers everywhere to live life out loud.

We’re creating the first ecosystem of portable, connected speakers and cutting-edge, next-gen tech products for the Wi-Fi audio market — all aimed at building great-sounding audio products that reflect the way today’s music lovers live, move and listen.

The PERI vision starts with our flagship product: PERI Duo, the first-of-its-kind, high-def Wi-Fi & Bluetooth speaker and charging case for the iPhone that redefines what a smartphone accessory can do.

PERI stands at the intersection of three of the most significant trends shaping the consumer electronics landscape today: connected audio, smartphone accessories, and the Internet of Things.

Read on to find out how PERI is bringing the noise to the tech space and cranking up the volume on the soundtrack to a life lived on-the-go.

Let’s face it: even in our digital age, people are still limited to how and where they can experience and share audio. The problem is that multicast speaker products have been confined to home systems alone.

We decided to give that model mobility. We took the connected home audio experience and made it portable so music lovers could take it with them wherever they go, share it with as many friends as possible, and use it in as many different ways as they can. That’s the heart of PERI’s philosophy.

Wherever you are, PERI brings surround sound to your life.

We’re creating a whole collection of portable Wi-Fi speaker products that connect within the PERI audio ecosystem. Our products will span a number of categories, allowing users to take their music with them wherever they go, whenever they go.

Say ‘goodbye’ to the large electronics once associated with Wi-Fi speaker systems. PERI uses proprietary miniaturized circuit boards to shrink down technology to just a fraction of its normal size and put it into a platform that’s manageable and, better still, portable.

How is PERI paving the way to this ultimate ecosystem of connected audio? With the launch of our flagship product that embodies the scope of our big-picture vision, the Duo.

This is the case smartphone users have been waiting for.

The Duo offers more portability and all the functionality of a Beats Pill wireless speaker, the technology of a Sonos multi-room audio system, plus the added value of a high-powered charging case, delivering even more battery life than the competitors — and at just a fraction of the cost. It even works as a speakerphone! Bottom line: Duo is everything your phone needs packed into a single, useful accessory.

Fair warning: this might get a little loud.

The Duo doubles as a stand-alone speaker system. When the iPhone is docked in the Duo, users can play digital audio direct from their phone through their Lightning connector to the Duo’s two 3-watt stereo speakers.  If detached from the Duo, the phone’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing functions locate and connect to the device. With a range of up to 100 feet, users have complete control of the audio being played. The Wi-Fi audio functionality enables users to play their music at the highest resolution available compared to the lower resolution Bluetooth option.

Phone need an extra bit of juice? Our patent-pending “EZ-Lock” locking mechanism provides easy attachability. Charging is as simple as flipping a switch. To charge the Duo itself, any micro-USB charger will do. Charging works whether attached to the phone or not.

It’s alive! The Duo’s 2900mAh battery delivers a full charge and then some. What’s better than 100% battery life? How about 120% extra battery life, for starters. On the speaker side, this equates to  5+ hours of music playback.

We figured out how to cut the local wireless networks out of the equation: bymaking the user the network. With peer-to-peer multicast Wi-Fi streaming ability, users can stream music from their phone to up to 64 other Duo cases simultaneously. Throwing a multi-floor house party? Duo. What about streaming music beachside to all your friends? Duo.

We’ve already seen some incredible success at PERI, and we’re just getting warmed up. Here are a few of our noteworthy accomplishments:

Validated Demand

In February, 2015, we completed a successful Indiegogo campaign, raising $187,000 with more than 1,500 Duo units sold. We secured initial distributor commitments for another 3,000 units.

Even More Sales

Valuable Endorsements
We partnered with the lead investor in our Series Seed I Round — an accomplished audio products manufacturer for the likes of Logitech, Best Buy, and Amazon — who has already put up $1.2 million of our $1.8 million goal.

Retail Partners
PERI was one of the first companies selected by Amazon to feature product on their Amazon Exclusives platform. The Duo will sell direct to consumers through this channel.

Global Distribution Interest
We’ve received over 40 inquiries from a variety of international distributors expressing interest in taking the PERI brand worldwide.

Widespread Press Attention
We’ve amassed 56 pieces of coverage from media and consumer outlets, including…

What’s Next for PERI?
The Duo is only a glimpse at PERI’s long-term blueprint. We have a number of market-spanning developments coming down the pipeline to keep consumers connected to their audio at home, in the car, at work, outdoors — anywhere!

We’re expanding from B2C to B2B and tapping into a multi-billion dollar automotive market as audio technology suppliers. Our partnership with Broadcom through the OPEN alliance will allow PERI to bring next-gen Wi-Fi connected speaker systems to next-gen autos.

We also have two brand new audio products in our lineup, including:

  • The “Stone” water resistant surround sound portable speakers
  • Connected LED light bulb speakers for the home
Contact Information:

Mohammad Tabataba
Michael Hsu

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