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Mar 17, 2016 7:47 AM ET

Archived: MAP Solar: Invest in some of the earliest UK rooftop solar and help small businesses go green

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 17, 2016

MAP Solar


Invest in some of the earliest UK rooftop solar and help small businesses go green

MAP Solar is a portfolio of rooftop solar systems that have been generating for a number of years.

Solar pioneers MAP Environmental were one of the first companies in the UK to spot the potential for solar by supplying equipment and providing training to the sector. Directors Paul Wheeler and Austin Healey now want to help UK SMEs looking to make their businesses more energy efficient. Refinancing MAP Solar, which they acquired in 2013, will play a part in that.

The project is offering an effective rate of 7.5% over the 15 year life of the Fixed Return Debenture. The 134 systems have been installed and generating clean electricity since between 2011 and 2013.

The proceeds from this offer are to go towards supporting Paul and Austin’s new venture, MAP Energy Funding Solutions, which now owns MAP Solar. MAP EFS offers SMEs energy efficiency measures and funding where they don’t have the funds themselves.

How it works

MAP Solar Limited is a company set up to own and manage the portfolio of 134 rooftop solar PV systems in this project, totalling 405kWp. Investor returns are made up largely of Government Feed-in Tariff revenues for each kWh of electricity generated. These were set between 2011 and 2013, the period in which the systems were installed and started generating electricity.

Your money

The project is looking to raise a minimum of £400,000 and up to £675,000 to refinance the cost of purchasing the portfolio. Paul and Austin, directors of MAP Solar Ltd, will be using the funds to further their new business providing funding solutions for installing energy efficiency measures at SMEs.

The environment

Energy use in an average UK home is responsible for 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year. Generating and using electricity via rooftop solar panels can help reduce this number. At the same time, the energy efficiency of our housing stock is improved.

Small businesses

Paul Wheeler and Austin Healey intend to use the money raised by this offer in their new business, MAP Energy Funding Solutions, which aims to help SMEs roll out energy efficiency measures such as LED lighting, including providing funding to do it where required. With almost one third of small firms highlighting the cost of energy as a barrier to the growth and success of their business [DECC, SME Guide to Energy Efficiency], MAP EFS could make a real difference.

Calculate your returns

Our returns calculator lets you estimate your return from investing in MAP Solar. Simply enter an investment amount and move the slider to see how your total return is built up over time. The table at the bottom gives the full breakdown of your return across the lifetime of the investment, including any bonuses that are available on the project.

Contact Information:

Paul Wheeler and Austin Healey

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