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Mar 17, 2016 10:43 AM ET

Archived: 3D Printer Tungsten Premium Nozzle: For precise 3D print results and for abrasive and high temperature print processes where brass & steel fails.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 17, 2016

3D Printer Tungsten Premium Nozzle

by dddmaterial

Tungsten Premium Nozzle for precise 3D print results. For abrasive and high temperature print processes where brass & steel fails.

About this project

We were not satisfied with the durability and precision of brass nozzles, because as more heat is affecting the nozzle:

  • as bigger will the nozzle hole become (especially during long lasting prints)
  • as softer will brass become
  • and ultimately: the usage of abrasive printing material such as carbon fiber filament will do the rest and wears out the nozzle very fast.
These are absolutely No-Go’s for 3D Printer Enthusiasts and especially for professional Print-Shops, Prototyping Services and Designers who want to offer their customers high quality products to a fair price because failures will rise the costs.

So we had the idea to scale down the tungsten extruder dies of the plastics industry to the size of a common 3D Printer nozzle and so our tungsten premium nozzle was born.

..3D Printers evolve, while crucial main parts of a printer seem to stand still…

more features and advantages: 

  • outstanding nozzle material properties: energy efficientensure high quality printing results
  • Calibration efforts are more stable (constant layer thickness even during extreme long print-runs as well as during high temperature print processes)
  • No extreme tempering effect. (Hardened Steel nozzles suffer a strong tempering effectcaused by heat, which makes the steel softer.)
  • Our flattened nozzle tip doesn’t scratch glas beds unlike diamond / sapphire nozzles or not flattened nozzle tips.
  • Another positive aspect is that there is no need for long lasting researches because it is anyway a reliable quality standard in the plastic extrusion industries and this lowered the developing cost of the 3D Printer nozzle and it grants a fast production after the crowdfunding campaign became successful.
  • It has no tungsten nozzle tip in a steel or brass body instead our nozzle is completely made of a premium tungsten alloy which makes it more reliable and grants better thermal conductivity
  • Made of a premium tungsten alloy which is generally used in the plastics industry or for aerospace applications  
dddmaterial Tungsten Premium Nozzles
dddmaterial Tungsten Premium Nozzles

Why are Diamonds and other gems not the best choice for a nozzle?

Why didn’t we make a diamond nozzle? Diamond is actually the most superior material for printer nozzles. But a nozzle completely made of diamond would also cause superior costs. So the general trade-off in this case is that just the tiny nozzle tip will be then made of diamond, while the rest of the nozzle is made of cheaper materials like steel or brass. Such nozzles with a gem nozzle tip are actually used for water jet cutting and sandblaster applications and we think such nozzle design in case of 3D Printing requires too many compromises so if we ever make a diamond nozzle then definitely one without any compromise.  

Disadvantages of nozzles with a gem nozzle tip:  

  • you will give up most of the high thermal conductivity features of the diamond. A high thermal conductivity saves energy and your wallet
  • you will get an unreliable nozzle tip which can drop out or leak after several printing processes (heating expands and cooling shrinks the body)
  • if the nozzle tip is positioned wrong or due to expanding and shrinking of the nozzle body you will get uneven printing results
  • a big part of the 3D Printing Community is using a glass bed as printing surface. A nozzle with diamond tip or not flattened tip can easily scratch, cut and break it

Why are (hardened/stainless etc.) Steel Nozzles not the best choice as a 3D Printer Nozzle?

Steel is harder than brass and a budget-priced material. But it comes together with some disadvantages:

  • its low thermal conductivity causing higher energy consumption, so compared to brass, diamond, tungsten and its alloys etc. the steel version is the worst one.
  • as consequence to the lower thermal conductivity it will need more effort in calibrating the right temperatures for each printing process
  • hardened steel gets tempered during the printing process and thus it becomes softer than advertised
  • Better expansion co-efficient than brass but worse than our tungsten premium nozzle  
Made to meet the high requirements of professional 3D Printing businesses and 3D Printing enthusiasts.
Made to meet the high requirements of professional 3D Printing businesses and 3D Printing enthusiasts.

What did we do to ensure you a top quality product?

Already months ago before this kickstarter campaign we introduced our project to the 3D Printing Community and offered free samples worldwide for testing purposes. We announced it on various 3D Printer Magazines and Printer Boards:

Link (English): https://www.3printr.com/testers-wanted-3d-printer-tungsten-premium-nozzle-dddmaterial-5133460/ 

 Link (German): http://3druck.com/pressemeldungen/dddmaterial-sucht-prototypen-tester-fuer-wolfram-premium-3d-druckerduesen-4341011/

Various research institutes, companies and leading figures of the 3D printing community evaluated our nozzles. With their support and feedback we improved our nozzle. The complete promotional event was expensive but it was worth it especially for you backers because it ensures that you will get a reliable and tested premium quality product!

Tungsten Premium Nozzle & a package prototype
Tungsten Premium Nozzle & a package prototype
  • M6 Thread (Compatible to a wide range of Hotends with M6 Thread, such as E3D)
  • For 1.75mm Filaments
  • 0.4mm  

(Other hole sizes or a nozzle for 2.85/3.0mm Filaments will be probably offered after a successful crowdfunding campaign)

Drawing of the updated model, according to the feedback of the free samples evaluation
Drawing of the updated model, according to the feedback of the free samples evaluation

Which 3D Printing materials need high temperatures?

  • Polycarbonate (PC) ~260° C ( 500° F)
  • Nylon 250° C up to 300° C (482° – 572° F)
  • ABS ~230° C (446° F)
  • PEEK ~400°C (752° F)

Which are typical abrasive 3D Printing materials?

  • white filament (the color white is achieved by adding titan oxide to the plastic)
  • Compounds like various metal, wood, stone or carbon fiber filaments

50.000 EUR

  • Everyone who gets a nozzle, gets additionally one compatible aluminium hotend

85.000 EUR

  • Compatible aluminium hotend will be added to each nozzle

dddmaterial was founded in 2014. We focus on the construction of plastic extruders like our upcoming industrial extruder:  

And we focus on the development of 3D Printer Equipment for professional purposes, the manufacturing of 3D Printers and their print materials.

Since 2014 we actively blogging about our projects, 3D Printing and plastic extrusion related topics. Check here our blog.

And in 2015 we introduced our projects to the public on the Maker Faire in Hannover, Germany.

Why do we need the money?

Tungsten is compared to brass or steel a pretty expensive metal, and the production of a tungsten premium nozzle as well because it is a much more challenging material. And last but not least: manufacturing just small amount of nozzles would cause very high retail prices($80 to $100 USD per nozzle). That’s why we need your support! Thank you!
Check our webpage for tutorials, news or project updates & videos
Check our webpage for tutorials, news or project updates & videos



Risks and challenges

Minimizing risks is one of our main concerns.

Possible risks could occur during transportation that the sending gets lost so all our dispatched nozzles are insured.

Tungsten prices sky-rocketing / Tungsten manufacturer suddenly rises prices. To lower that risk we sourced not just one manufacturer.

The product is not working as intended. If a nozzle is damaged you will get a new one and the nozzle works as promised. To lower such risks in advance we ran a free nozzle samples for feedback promotion before the crowdfunding campaign to ensure that they work as promised.

Contact Information:


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