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Archived: The Ultimate Capsule Collection: 5 Pieces = 30 Outfits

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5 versatile pieces that mix + match to create a month’s worth of outfits | Made in the USA | Eco-friendly fabrics | Wholesale prices

About this project

*note: two colors of each item are pictured, but only one color of each of the five items is needed to make 30 outfits.

Our manufacturing partner is a family-run company in New York City’s historic garment district, and many of the employees have worked there for over a decade. We visit the factory often, and work together closely.

We’re committed to using responsible factories that pay legal wages, ensure workplace safety, and prohibit unlawful labor and discrimination. It’s one of our passions to support companies that treat their employees with dignity and respect, and provide job¬†opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

We’re committed to using environmentally friendly fabrics in our designs, that also look and feel great. For this collection, we used three fabrics:

DEADSTOCK POLY CREPE: for the Blouse, we used deadstock fabric that was leftover from other brands, allowing us to save it from the landfill and give it a new chance. We love the structured look of the poly crepe, and it’s easy to care for!

TENCEL: for the Tunic and Two-Piece Dress, we used Tencel (our all time favorite fabric)! It is made from natural wood fibers that are sustainably harvested, requires less water than other fabrics, uses a closed loop system that recycles solvents, and is biodegradable. It also is absorbent, soft, and feels like silk!

TENCEL BLEND: for the Culottes and Vest Dress, we used a Tencel blend that’s made with all of the above amazing properties of Tencel, and a smaller percentage of cotton and stretch, to give it the right fit and drape. It’s made in environmentally responsible production facilities, and has the perfect weight and softness.

We know that the way clothing fits is everything. We reworked each piece multiple times, over a period of months, to get the fit just right.

We designed each piece with the everyday woman’s figure in mind, being sure to highlight the areas of the body that are most flattering. For example, the Two-Piece Dress highlights the collar bone, while the Culottes accentuate the smallest part of the waist.

We avoided sleeveless looks for our tops and opted for sleeves, which are flattering (and fun)! For example, the belle sleeves are an easy-to-wear seventies silhouette.

We used subtle elastic instead of zippers and buttons for ultimate comfort. So you can wear the Culottes to work or play, and you’ll never want to change out of them.

Everything has a loose, easy fit that looks put together but can also be casual. Our hope is that the capsule makes getting dressed every day easier for you, and that you feel beautiful wearing it!

**If something doesn’t fit, we are happy to exchange it for another size if available or accept returns.

Risks and challenges

Our co-founders have over 10 years of combined experience working in the fashion industry, so we’re familiar with the challenges involved in completing this project. The biggest challenges are brand awareness and the cost of the product. It is expensive to create products that are made in the USA from sustainable materials. And while selling directly to the consumer (rather than through established retailers) keeps the price down, it could limit our reach. In order to survive, we need people like you who are willing to order products online and stay connected with a brand they believe in. We also need your help to spread the word about VETTA’s versatile and responsibly-made products.

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