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Archived: JumpMusic-Secure Social User (SSU) provides secure transactions for all social networks & online transactions worldwide

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JumpMusic-Secure Social User (SSU)

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Orem, UT 84057, US

JM/SSU provides secure transactions for all social networks & online transactions worldwide.

JM/SSU’s mission is to liberate users and companies to complete any online transaction securely..

This is accomplished with three core platforms:

Secure Social User (SSU) for social networks.
Jump Music for all web and app users.
Virtual Currency for all web and app users.

The goal of JM/SSU is to have 100 million users worldwide purchasing on the JM/SSU platform every day.


Prior Year Revenue Current Year Revenue Next Year Revenue
Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
4 years, 2 months 58 Internet Entertainment
Company Type Stock Exchange Stock Symbol

Products / Services

Secure Social Users (SSU) verification for social networks

Secure Social User (SSU) provides real time one to one, and one to many identity verification for users of social network platforms such as facebook, linked in, orkut, ning, and myspace, etc.

Secure Social User (SSU) for social networks, creates direct transaction security for a user base of over 800,000,000 users.

Jump Music Audio Music Engine

Jump Music’s music engine allows web, app and social media users to access over 11 million songs worldwide, via a cloud delivery service.

Virtual Currency

Virtual Currency offering allows all users of JM/SSU to receive credit that is redeemable at participating online or physical merchants of products or services. It allows all users of the Virtual Currency to be allocated a numerical value for their social influence. In plain terms, this allows JM/SSU to notify advertising partners and merchants to the number of other people with purchasing power that the particular Virtual Currency owner has. This information provides value and buying clout for the end user, and for the advertiser.


Chief Executive Officer
Greg Ellis

Greg was the creator of, which was recently acquired by a NASDAQ public company for 10x ROI. Greg authored several patents in the Web video and cellphone arena, valued at over $42,000,000 and used by 20,000,000 viewers a day.

Greg is also a director of Carefit- servicing more than 400 corporate clients in Japan and the U.S., specializing in employee training; and is an advisor to Governor Gary Herbert of Utah. More media coverage can be found here:

Director Executive Officer
Kunio Toma

Kunio Toma was a Founder of Forever Living Japan, and Direct Marketing company which grew from its inception into a multi-billion dollar enterprise, with over 32 offices worldwide, 7,000,000 members, and revenue of over $1,000,000 a year. Kunio is based in Tokyo Japan, and is instrumental in JM/SSU’s partnerships worldwide.

Contact Information:

Greg Ellis

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