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Mar 16, 2016 11:47 AM ET

Archived: Generation Kenya: A loan of $4,925 helps Generation Kenya to buy life saving cook stoves to sell to their customers.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 16, 2016

Generation Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya Retail | Renewable Energy Products
Generation Kenya
Generation Kenya is based in Nairobi and it supplies energy saving products to wholesalers, registered organised groups and retailers. To wholesalers it offers flexible payment terms where they are allowed to pay back in installments of up to 4 weeks. This allows the wholesalers to stock up as much as they can comfortably and to concentrate on selling to those communities that will benefit most from the products. Generation Kenya offers discounts to women’s groups so that they can access the products more cheaply to sell to their members.

Generation Kenya will use the Kiva funding to purchase more Jikokoa life saving stoves, thereby guaranteeing more stock to the wholesalers and reaching a greater proportion of the Kenyan population.

Additional Information

More information about this loan

This loan is part of BURN’s effort to provide a market-based approach to address the global challenges of deforestation, advanced respiratory illness, global warming and poverty. Kiva loans target BURN’s distribution partners in East Africa. These partners range from small SACCOs to for-profit distribution outfits. Loans will be in-kind for stock purchases of BURN stoves, such as the Jikokoa, a charcoal-burning stove that pays for itself in about three months through cost savings. By supporting this loan, you are helping BURN offer more affordable rates to its local distributors, thereby enabling increased sales of clean cookstoves in the region. 

About BURN Manufacturing Co.:

BURN Manufacturing Corporation aims to address the global challenges of deforestation, advanced respiratory illness, global warming, and poverty through its production and distribution of affordable clean cook stoves. BURN manufactures clean burning biomass cook stoves that save families money, reduce CO2 emissions, and save trees. Additionally, BURN is creating more than 200 sustainable design and manufacturing jobs in East Africa for the production of their cook stoves.

Contact Information:

Generation Kenya

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