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Mar 16, 2016 1:30 PM ET


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Press Release –


JUNE 26th, 2016


CONTACT PERSON – Stefan Deutsch

516 220 6471






for her tireless work to bring love, compassion and understanding to humanity.

June 26th, 2016 Manhattan, NY


A community of over 1.5 million people have already heard about this symposium. And many more will before and after the results of this historic event are made available to the world.

People are being told all the time to love others, to love themselves so they can love others; which seems to imply that everybody already knows what love is.

Yet, in 2014 the #1 search phrase on Google was – “What Is Love?”

At a quick glance one might assume these are people looking for relationships. No! There are hundreds of dating sites, clubs, bars, places of worship, the workplace and so on that people looking to meet people can find others. The fact is that people are asking a very simple question because they don’t have the answer. Why are they asking? Because, as Camillo Davis, a friend of mine for 50 years says, it is hard to live without love. And he speaks for the rest of the 7.2 billion people on this planet.

Are there other reasons we should all know what love is, besides it being hard to live without love ?

The consequences of our lack of knowledge are incredibly many and painful. Families falling apart, divorces, drug and alcohol addictions, obesity, workaholism, depression and anxiety, burnout, stress, domestic violence, suicides, murders – just to name a few.


We are bringing together a team of researchers, scholars and authors with uniquely different backgrounds and approaches all with a keen interest in love to solve this enigma. Love has many names; forgiveness, belongingness, the supreme emotion, caring, compassion, altruism, empathy, kindness, intimacy, relationship, happiness, which instead of helping add to the confusion.

Our collective mission is to define love, create a common language and terminology, initiate research, and develop tools to facilitate people getting and giving love that meet their needs.

For instance, today we know that loving behaviors feel good because they help us generate important hormones for healing and wellbeing like oxytocin “the love hormone’, vasopressin, endorphins, which lower our blood pressure, reduce stress, and speed up healing. We need to incorporate this new science into our definition of love, agree on common terminology, and develop tools that will help people behave more lovingly toward others and importantly, toward oneself, in order to break the cycle of dependency on others for love.

This ambitious undertaking will be truly a ‘labor of love’ – as it requires participants to open their hearts and minds to other concepts in order to arrive at a unified, working definition and common terminologies. This is the first step toward establishing a serious science. We’d never accept having every cardiologist have their own definition of the heart – or how it functions. It would not be science and it could not advance. That is exactly where we are with love. Stuck. Once we define love we can begin research in earnest and develop the language and tools that will help every person give and get all the love they need and deserve.


We are very delighted with the team as constituted presently and are expecting a few more to join us –

Harville Hendrix, PhD – Getting The Love You Want, founder of Imago Couples Therapy

Helen La Kelly Hunt, PhD – Getting The Love You Want, founder of Imago Couples Therapy

Eva Selhub, MD – Harvard, The Love Response

Jacqueline Carlton, PhD – Founding Editor, International Body Psychotherapy Journal

Joseph Lao, PhD – Professor, Hunter College,

Jean Watson, PhD – Caring Science, Mindful Practice, Founder, Watson Caring Science Institute

Ivel De Freitas, MD – Founder, Leaf It Up, MedSpa

Kristen Monroe, PhD – Professor, UC, Irvine, The Heart of Altruism,

Fred Luskin, PhD – Professor, Forgive For Love, Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project

Lynn Underwood, PhD – Professor – Case Western Reserve U., The Science Of Compassionate Love

Stefan Deutsch, Gestalt Psychotherapist – LOVE DECODED: Getting The Love You Deserve

Erich Fromm characterized it as “…..human beings are starved for love” – and each year hundreds of millions of additional beings will experience love as unsatisfying and even painful.

Some might question whether it is possible for us to unite – they questioned us getting to the Moon! Impossible tasks require vision and persistence, and the people we invited have proven they have both.

This symposium will be the first step, followed if necessary, by others. In addition to the participants in this historic endeavor we anticipate having a small ‘audience’ of 100+ people who will be given the opportunity to give us feedback and input.

The symposium will be featured in a documentary on love that movie and television professionals, who heard about it and have stepped forward, are hoping to shoot and edit.

We believe our collective prayers to help heal a world engulfed in personal and public strife will be heard and the symposium will begin a process that will be successful and transformative for the global population.

BENEFITS FOR SPONSORS – Sponsors will be licensed to use our logo and symposium title in all advertising and marketing. The substance of the topic will primarily appeal to women, who are more interested in love than men. The logo and symposium name can appear in TV & Mag ads, shopping bags, store displays, in the workplace, mentioned during interviews, etc.




Major sponsors receive;

  1. 10 free tickets to the event –
  2. A full page in the Symposium Program –
  3. Option to display their company name at the venue,
  4. Will be named in the documentary,
  5. Will sit at the VIP table at the Dinner Honoring Harville Hendrix, PhD, Helen La Kelly Hunt, PhD, and Jean Watson, PhD, and
  6. Be mentioned in all our communications, eventually reaching more than 2 million people around the world, as well as any media that picks up and talks about the symposium and our work.

$25,000- donations will receive 4 tickets, a ½ page in the event program, 4 VIP dinner invitations, and can display their name at the venue

$10,000- donations will receive 4 tickets, a ¼ page in the event program, 2 VIP dinner invitations

$5,000- donations will receive 2 tickets, a ¼ page in the even program


“I am in great support of your meaningful work. A very powerful vision and beautiful meeting of hearts and minds. Please keep me posted on your mission and events. “

Lisa Miller, PhD – Columbia University

“The Spiritual Child”


“I love, love, love what you are doing and it is so congruent with Caring Science…which serves as the first principle of Science…I would dearly love to be there with these other amazing leaders and scholars who are furthering this classic ontological work for humanity – a unified science of Love.”

Jean Watson, PhD – Colorado University, Transpersonal Institute

“Transpersonal Caring Science”


“What an amazing subject – and one that is sorely needed to be discussed.  Could you please be so kind and let me know about the video conferences because I definitely want to participate in those.

Thank you for putting this amazing and complicated subject on the academic table!”

Monika Reuter, Ph.D.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – The Art Institute


THE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY…..                                …quietly changing people’s lives©


Melville NY 11747                                    love@thdc.org                                                    516 220 6471



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