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Archived: BURNING GREEN – A Mickey Grant Film: The story of the Libyan rebels who overthrew Colonel Moamar Gaddafi

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Mickey Grant – Has been creating documentaries since 1984 with his first documentary “China Run”. Mickey had a successful career in mainstream TV, but chose to follow his passion for telling stories with a unique storytelling style.  His film “Injection” and his fervent campaigning helped lead to the WHO introducing single-use injections that prevent infection with life-threatening diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV. 

Elizia Volkmann: Is a freelance journalist and photographer covering North Africa including Libya. Previously she has photographed for the UK press and has exhibited her work widel. She also works voluntarily on projects to support a community in the Sahara develop agriculture and a programme of musicians playing concerts for Syrian Regufees across Europe.

We are hoping that besides being a very entertaining film that it will also be a film which has a very positive impact on the Libyan people. Gaddafi was the dictator for over 42 years and he had one primary tool he used to help keep absolute power. He created a culture of FEAR. Part of what the film will do is help expose how that culture of fear is still affecting the Libyan people today. Therefore, we are hoping that the film will be very cathartic on many levels. In no way is it a “NEWSREEL.” We are also hoping that it will play well at film festivals and will be a very competitive film. 

We need approximately $50,000. We will do everything possible to keep the shooting and editing budget down to about $35,000 so as to have as much money possible to have some marketing money available. Besides film festivals, we hope to take it to markets such as MIP/DOC, European Film Market in Berlin, the Independent Feature Project Market, and others. We are also shooting the last 1/3 of the film, as well as more interviews which will play earlier in the film, in 4K and will be marketing the film as a 4K film. We will convert all of the footage used from the other 3 trips to 4K plus have this new large amount of original 4K footage. This also includes a lot of footage shot by individuals on their phones who gave me their sim cards. 

During the revolution, the Benghazi Press Office also provided me with a great deal of footage including the rights. We plan to take advantage of the FAIR USE DOCTRINE regarding various news footage. This budget also includes color correction by a professional color artist and sound mix as well as any additional music needed. The sound mix is critical as we have lots of explosions and military fire. Presently, we plan to have 3 editors involved and are doing the edit in Tunisia. This is a good location as it is close to Libya and Europe in case it’s deemed that even more shooting is required. The film has already been over 4 years in the making so we feel we have a pretty comprehensive storyline. 

Later we’ll add the rewards for contributors which will be in line with previous awards given contributors during earlier stages of crowdfunding. You can learn more about the film at







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