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Mar 11, 2016 9:24 AM ET

LOCALISTICO: Making local businesses easier to find and manage online.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 11, 2016


Making local businesses easier to find and manage online

Localistico aims to bridge the digital and physical presence for business locations. The company automates the management and tracking of business location data across the main mapping and local platforms to help drive more footfall, traffic and customer engagement in the simplest way possible. Localistico’s target is to automate 80% of what local businesses need to do for its local presence, at 10% of the cost, in 1% of the time. Localistico is revenue generating and clients include Foxtons, El Corte Ingles, Hello, Jurys Inn, and Agenda 21.



    Localistico’s service enables business chains and independent business owners to track,analyse and manage their business across several platforms for all their venues.The platform allows the business owner to change all details from a central point,leveraging work already done on other platforms.Information is exposed through API’s,allowing tech-savvy clients to increase their data intelligence.Localistico have integrated with 4 major platforms(Google, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook)and did partnerships with 2 new ones(Factual and Bing).It has a pipeline of deals for an approximate value of £200k per year,including partnerships with Google Geo resellers for the UK and several marketing agencies.


    The main way most customers find and research local businesses is through local platforms. Local businesses have many profiles for each of their locations, scattered across those platforms. Customers rely on the information in those platforms but it’s hard for businesses to track, analyze and manage all of their profiles. This only gets more complicated when the business has multiple locations (or if you manage multiple businesses). Unlike similar concepts with social media tools, Localistico’s business focuses on local platforms, which have a barrier to entry: access to some of the systems needed is not open via a public API and generally require partnerships with the platforms.


    ocalistico’s revenue model is SaaS subscription based, as it charges a monthly or yearly subscriptions with tiered-pricing depending on the number of locations to be managed and monitored (eg: up to 25, up to 50 or up to 1000)


    For now our strategy is to grow in the UK and Spain markets, then expand to other EU countries. Depending on the size we reach on that, our possible exits are being acquired by a bigger player on general internet presence (eg: GoDaddy) or by a provider that can include us in their channel offering for businesses (eg: a telco or bank). Another possibility is being acquired by one of the platforms that we work with to improve their business offering (eg: Yelp)

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