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Our food is a cross between Mexican and Vietnamese cuisines. Now it’s time for us to take our next step in to a food truck with a beautiful wrap.

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Oakland, CA


Personal Story

I have a strong interest in social inequity and sustainability. This has guided me from my last career in to my current focus around food. Growing up in San Jose, I was pitted between the desire of tech companies to ‘change the world’ and the sprawl and waste that was so prevalent.

I had always thought about putting something together. I remembered reading an interview with Roy Choi somewhere, and to paraphrase, he said LA is a bunch of taco trucks and Korean people. That resonated with me, and it occurred to me that street food would be the way to go. 

I was unemployed in Sacramento and would soon run out of my unemployment; I had to figure out something to do. So I bought a cargo bike, some metal, and a couple propane burners and fashioned a food cart that I’d pedal around to different bars at night. The time came where I felt it was right to move back to the Bay Area.

One day the tricycle was stolen and nearly had a breakdown. How would I support myself? I posted my story on facebook, and my friends offered to throw a fundraising party. With the money raised I was able to start up again, and eventually start catering different offices. 

It’s been two years of growth catering various offices throughout the bay area, and what started off as a fly by night gig hawking tacos to bar patrons has evolved to a group of 6 of us catering some very cool companies.

Now it’s time for us to take our next step in to a food truck with a beautiful wrap. The food truck will give us the public presence and be able to offer our food to the public, and has already been purchased. The last step is putting a beautiful wrap together so folks can come find us!

Business Description

We are a popup/ catering company that has purchased a food truck. 

Our food is a cross between Mexican and Vietnamese cuisines. I grew up in the east side of San Jose and was immersed in a community largely composed of Mexican and Vietnamese families. What we strive to serve is our interpretation of California cuisine, a reflection of our community, our friends, and where we live. 

We are committed to sustainability and maintain a sound triple bottom line. We source from many organic and local farms, pay fair wages, recycle and compost, minimize food waste, and strive to make sure our food can be purchased by everyone. One goal for the food truck is to be the first food truck to accept EBT, also known as food stamps.

We also have forged a special relationship with St. Vincent de Paul in West Oakland to hire whomever we can from their culinary education program. 

We’re in need of a little help to get an attractive vinyl wrap for our food truck. This will help us stand out amongst the very competitive food truck scene here in the Bay Area.

I’m confident that based off our unique offering, delicious food, a distinct approach, and commitment to doing what is right that we will be successful

What is the purpose of this loan?

we will be able to fully launch our food truck, hire new employees who might not be able to find work otherwise, and offer something truly unique and delicious.

The money raised will be used to pay for permits and licenses, stabilize cash flow, and hire new employees for expansion. With the launch of the food truck, we expect business to at least double.

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