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Mar 10, 2016 8:17 AM ET

Archived: CRYPTA LABS: Quantum random number generator providing increased security for mobile devices

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 10, 2016


Quantum random number generator providing increased security for mobile devices

Crypta Labs is a Cyber Security Company that is developing a Quantum Random Number Generator. This scientific advancement means that Crypta Labs joins a prestigious group of less than a dozen companies in the world that has this capability. However, what makes it unique is that it’s one of the only companies in the world commercialising the QRNG on a MOBILE DEVICE. The vision is to have its technology be installed on all mobile devices including mobile phones, tablets, smart-watches, IOT products and any mobile product. This vision will be realized by building an API/Library so that it can be easily integrated with all Mobile Apps.



    Crypta Labs has built a ‘true’ random number that is generated from the quantum properties of light. QRNG, unlike classical Random Number Generators, are fundamentally unpredictable due the ‘uncertainty principle’. Crypta Labs is working with Mobile Payments Providers to increase the level of level of their security by switching their encryption protocol from a pseudo random number generator to a true random number generator. They are also in discussion with government agencies and all major cyber security consultancies to increase mobile security infrastructure both for themselves and their stakeholders.


    Today’s problem is that all devices use Pseudo Random Number Generators, which is true of any brand or type. This exposes devices to potential attacks. In the future, shifts in society will mean that we manage more of our personal data on mobile devices. Ultimately, the number of cyber attacks on mobiles will still be fairly low but will nonetheless increase at 25% y-on-y. Also, IoT will increase the number of devices.


    Software License
    • Selling the License for its API Library: each phone, tablet, and wearable device will require a separate API as each product requires different calibration of the light sensors to generate the random number. Crypta Labs expects a Gross Profit Margin of 70%

    Patent License for Chip
    • Selling the patent license to OEM of mobile phones, tablets, and smart-watches
    • Selling the patent license to Internet of Things manufacturers to increase their product’s security level


    We are looking to exit with within the next 5 years.

    Acquired by a chip manufacturer
    Acquired by a Phone Manufacturer
    Acquired by an Internet of Things Provider

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