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Archived: Mandy: Wholesome Bakery is a Gluten Free, Dairy & Egg Free, Soy Free, Trans Fat Free & Low Glycemic bakery, using locally produced, organic ingredients

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Wholesome Bakery


Personal Story

In 2005, I moved from Arizona to San Francisco to go to Fashion Design School. I have always loved creating and making anything. This step just seemed natural, but nonetheless, scary as I knew not a single soul in the Bay Area when I moved. While in school I not only had a full class schedule with on average 20 hours of homework a week, I worked full time at a restaurant as well as working an unpaid internship 2 days a week. As you can see, I’m no stranger to hard work. It is something I thrive on. After school I continued to working in the fashion industry and had a wonderful time creating and making gorgeous gowns for San Francisco socialites. But I wasn’t fulfilled.

Food has always been a huge part of my life. Being that I became vegetarian at 11 then vegan at 13, food was something that I had to take interest in and understand in order to live a healthy life as a vegan.

Around 2009 I started to get frustrated with no options for sweets that were not only vegan, but weren’t loaded with sugars, soy, unhealthy oils and so on. So with no real baking experience, but a wealth of knowledge about ingredients and nutrition from years of being vegan, I decided to try and make some “healthy” treats for myself and my friends. The first thing I attempted making was Carrot Cake, but this wasn’t your average Carrot Cake. It was Wheat Free, Dairy & Egg Free, Soy Free, Yeast Free, Trans Fat Free & Low Glycemic. I got rave reviews from everyone who tried it. So, I began making cookies and had a good response as well. People started telling me that I should sell these, that they wish they could find them in a store. After much deliberation I finally gathered the guts to drop off some samples at 2 local grocery stores. And guess what!? To my surprise, both stores wanted to carry them.

Wholesome Bakery is proud to say that we just hit our five year mark and receive constant rave reviews from our fans. With over 20 locations in San Francisco including a large account at Google, locations all over Berkeley and the general Oakland area, we have seeing continued growth & a desire for our products. We have hit the point where a store front is necessary. And in a few weeks time will be opening our very own cafe in the Mission District of San Francisco. We will be using this money to help with the initial costs that come with opening a brick and mortar such as new hires, increased ingredient cost and overall overhead.

Business Description

Wholesome Bakery is a Gluten Free, Dairy & Egg Free, Soy Free, Trans Fat Free & Low Glycemic bakery, using locally produced, organic ingredients.

Our immediate goals for growth are directed at expanding our product availability via our first store front. This space will allow us to grow our clientele vastly while creating new jobs within our company. Once we have grown our brand in the Bay Area we plan to expand to other cities including Austin, L.A. & Portland. We believe in our products and are dedicated to creating guilt free, great tasting goodies. Long term, we plan to become a national brand directed at replacing sugar filled, low quality, bad for you bake goods in the school system. Teaching children about nutrition and how to live long, healthy lives.

What is the purpose of this loan?

It will offer some financial freedoms, helping to fund new hires and costs that come with opening a store front.

Contact Information:

Wholesome Bakery

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