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Archived: Messy on Purpose: The 30-day workbook that will help you discover and embrace your personal working style to achieve success

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Messy on Purpose


Like being messy? This is the book for you! Like being a perfectionist? This is also the book for you! We need both methods for creativity.

What is Messy on Purpose?

Messy on Purpose is a 30-day workbook, that will help you discover and embrace your personal working style to achieve success.

When you work, you might be messy. You might be a perfectionist. You might prefer to focus on quantity. Or on quality. You could be a fast-and-furious worker, or someone who prefers a slow and steady pace. You might prefer breaking your tasks into steps, or just doing everything at once.

All these techniques are equally valid – the secret is figuring out when each method will work for you. Messy on Purpose will teach you how to use the right techniques for the right job.

How does Messy on Purpose work?

Each day you will learn two opposing techniques – such as messiness versus perfection, or going fast versus going slow.  Soon you will easily pick and choose from over sixtydifferent techniques, to best match your own projects and unique working style.

How is Messy on Purpose unique?

1. Taking the “and” stance, versus “either-or” stance. For example, creative projects tend to require both messiness and perfectionism – just in different stagess.

2. Daily fill-in practice guide. After all, the best way to learn a technique is to practice it – and prove it – for yourself.

3. Lots of Illustrative pictures of cute cats and dogs throughout. Because who couldn’t use more pictures of cute and furry animals in their lives?

Why Crowdfunding?

The purpose of my crowdfunding campaign is to raise funds for publication, and to build awareness for this book. Earlier drafts of Messy on Purpose have received rave reviews from beta readers. Now I would like to make my book available to you. I appreciate any and all help you can give me.

About the Author

Chuck Rockroad is the founder and owner of the Inky Dynamics publishing house, and the #1 bestselling author of the cat play manual, Play Like a Cat. His focus is on creating original, quality content, to answer the work and play questions people ask. Or the new questions they haven’t come up with yet.

Chuck has also spent too much time as a fitness trainer, project manager, and law office manager. The author lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with two chatty tuxedo cats, and his partner who is also basically a cat. He can be reached via the Inky Dynamics literary website,

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Chuck Rockroad

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