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Archived: IS2CP,INC has created several innovative financial models to inject fresh capital into specific financial markets, especially for the municipalities and financial institutions

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IS2CP, INC: Established in 1975 as a multi-national company, the company has created several innovative financial models to inject fresh capital to be injected into specific financial markets, especially for the municipalities and financial institutions, in response to the current United States financial crisis.
IS2 has over 40 years experience in understanding the philosophies, nuances and operations of the insurance industry and the benefits to financial institutions. This unique experience led to the development of an intrinsic blend of benefits for insurance companies and financial institutions; Thus producing a reinvigorated community of willing investors to seize a myriad of meaningful new business/financial opportunities.
IS2 has utilized several innovative approaches to structured finance by applying core principles of converting perceived value into a true intrinsic value. In layman’s words, when in a crises, it utilizes your current assets, with new ideas and removes the customary leveraging options. The Company is currently registered as a contractor for the U.S. Government with FDIC, CCR and NCAGE (SJR36) and NATO.
Is2 has a credit worthy capacity of $206 million dollars and through hard work and its innovative approaches has achieved the highest credit rating (5A1) that Dun & Bradstreet issues; IS2 has successfully completed over 80 transactions worldwide, ranging from $10-$50 million USD for transactions involving of credit risk mitigation, and bond development program. The Company has acted in the following capacities: Structured Finance Advisor, Insurance Underwriting, and Investment Management. Also we had performed in Corporate and Government bond development in the emerging market as the arranger and/or advisor for either the funder or lender, such as the World Bank.
The company has developed strategic partnerships in London, Bermuda, Chicago, New York and Hong Kong with management groups and is currently working with small-mid cap banks

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Counter-Balance Funding

A Systemic and Quantitative Credit approach by way of a counter-balance model creates a minimal risk to Investor(s)’ funds once the investment model is complete the funds raised in the offering supersede Investor(s)’ funds in their Custodial Trust Account(s).

The Company has packaged a plan which utilizes the expertise and reputation with appropriate parties (Financial Institutions, Fixed-Income Securities Brokers, and Fund Management Groups) to bring together the functional elements required to affect the investment structure.
In our discussion today, we contemplated a single round of investment funding through several stages over one year by way of PRE-FUNDED STRUCTURED NOTES or BONDS backed up by bringing a single Investor and putting a counter balance credit approach to the offerings.



Administrative Executive Officer
Samia B

She speaks six languages, which has propelled her as an international policy consultant in numerous past and present engagements, projects and programs initiated and supported by the World Bank. She has held several key positions as a Department Head of the World Bank for over 20 years: Principal Operations Officer, Deputy Chief of Mission, Principal Country Officer, Senior Country Officer/Senior Operations Officer. She currently is the co-founder and general manager of her own international investment.

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Administrative Executive Officer
Samia B

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