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Mar 8, 2016 9:39 AM ET

Archived: iHeartPillow, Connecting loved ones: the best way to feel close to the ones you love by feeling their heartbeat when they are away

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 8, 2016

iHeart Pillow

by Franc Carreras and Luis Alonso

iHeartPillow, Connecting loved ones

About this project

Hi, we’re Lluis Alonso and Franc Carreras and we created the iHeart Pillow, the best way to feel close to the ones you love by feeling their heartbeat when they are away.

When you close your eyes and you thing about the person you love, it is just the imagination that brings this person to your side. 

The iHeart Pillow can make you dream awake with your loved one, hearing their heart beat. Bring their heart closer to your side by connecting your loved one’s Apple Watch to your iHeart Pillow and feel close to their heart no matter where they are.

In this next video you can see how IheartPillow is connected to your Apple Watch and Iphone through our Apps. You will find it really easy!

iHeart Pillow was designed and prototyped in Barcelona. It is plug and play and of course the cushion is bigger than the box, as the love we feel is always bigger than anything we can buy. We worked with some providers to fix this problem.

Surprise and emotion appear when the person you love gets and iHeart Pillow box and discovers that what is inside is bigger than the box.

Now with your kickstarter help we can’t wait to go to production.We want to share this dream with you. Thank you for supporting it.

Please do not hesitate to visit our web page for more information.

Risks and challenges

We can’t wait to deliver iHeart Pillow but there are inherent challenges in building hardware. Though we’ve been methodical in our design process, have built and tested prototypes, and believe our timeline is realistic, we will not ship any iHeart Pillow until it meets our high quality standards.

To help us produce iHeart Pillow, we’ve teamed up with an experienced product design firm in Barcelona and have a talented team of advisors who have experience bringing hardware products from the idea stage to market success.

We have created the I Heart Pillow because loved ones should always be connected, so this is our contribution.

Contact Information:

Franc Carreras and Luis Alonso

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