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Mar 7, 2016 7:08 PM ET

Archived: Improving lives of people with disabilities through sports

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 7, 2016

Improving lives of people with disabilities through sports

by Jessica Jones

Be a stepping stone in improving the lives of people with disabilities in sport. Most of them are unable to afford sport equipment and grow further in their sport discipline, Potential up and coming sport stars are in great need of help to pursue their dreams. By improving their lives a community is being restored star, by star.
We are running a crowdfunding campaign on Thundafund and we were selected to assist Thundafund with their Beta site.

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I want to raise funds for people with disabilities in sport who is unable to afford sport equipment and grow further in sport.

The Problem

Disadvantaged and frustrated special needs sports persons become drug dealers and gang members when they cannot create a life for themselves. They think becoming a member of gang will give them the success they need. This leads them to forget about their dreams in sports and their hope of becoming successful in sports is being taken away from them.Most people with disabilities tend to do sports. This helps them to improve their mental skills, fitness skills and emotional development. Without the equipment. They cannot move forward to be successful in their respective careers.

The Solution

Sport equipment is expensive to buy and maintain. Disabled athletes and sports persons cannot afford their equipment. It has a major negative influence on themselves and the disability sports as a unit.I want to help up and coming sport stars in disabled sports who has the potential to become a successful athlete and achieve goals that look impossible.


The Team

My name is Jessica Josias, I am a 20 year old female and I have Cerebral palsy.

When I was in my mother’s womb, I suffered a stroke during pregnancy with me. My left upper body and both legs were affected, due to the stroke. The final result was low muscle tone, muscle coordination, stiffness and weak posture.

When I was in day care, nobody in day care wanted to hold me because the muscles in my mouth were weak and I used to drool a lot. . I received speech therapy and physio therapy for 16 years at Red Cross Children’s Hospital and at my respective schools, Paarl School and Jan Kriel

I discovered my love for sport in grade 4. I had lots of disappointments, frustrations because people made fun of me and did not want to associate with me. My disability gave me a low self esteem. I wanted to hideaway and I tried not to participate in cultural activities where my disability could be seen. My love for sport took away all the disappointments, frustrations and hurt..

In 2015, at the age 19, I matriculated from Jan Kriel School (special needs school) with a Bachelors pass (Class of 2015).I was honoured to be Western Province for physical disabled and visual impaired captain( 2012-2015)
Western Cape Wheelchair basketball( 2009-2015)

My achievements must serve as a stepping stone that will help other disabled children to reach their full potential, through sport.

Contact Information:

Jessica Jones

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