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Mar 6, 2016 10:22 AM ET

Archived: Mo Fe Lo Le by Gary Kaye: Songs with a social significance

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 6, 2016

Mo Fe Lo Le by Gary Kaye

Gary Kaye is recording his new album of songs with a social significance. This is music by a passionate musician for passionate people.

Mo Fe Lo Le by Gary Kaye project video thumbnail

About this project

Gary Kaye will be following up his acclaimed debut album, Boppin With Kropotkin, with his new offering, Mo Fe Lo Le.

Gary writes a songs of social significance and displays a great deal of skill in crafting his songs. Songs on the new album include:

* Mo Fe Lo Le – Which tells the tragic story of David Oluwale, a Nigerian immigrant who was killed by the police in Leeds.

* The Colour of Her Clothes – A song relating to the vicious murder of Sophie Lancaster.

* A Soldier Sends a Letter Home – Written in the voice of a serving soldier who questions the motives of his actions

* Arguments Yard – The first track that images a bar where left thinking radicals gather to debate and even have fun.

* Paul Foot Said – A tribute to the late, great radical journalist and bon viveur.

The album will feature guest appearances from some established musicians and will be produced by Neil Ferguson (former member of Leeds band Chumbawamba and producer of high renown, including his production of Chumbawamba’s world-wide hit Tubthumping).

Gary is raising funds to pay for recording costs and to copy and distribute the new CD. Gary does not wish to go through the traditional route of working with a record label, preferring the more hands on approach which enables him to retain control and integrity of the project.

Gary’s first album was recorded in his own home studio and the quality of the recording suffered for this. For Mo Fe Lo Le Gary will use an experienced producer in Neil Ferguson and record in a state of the art studio to produce an album of the highest standard. 

Risks and challenges

The song are written but there might be the possibility of delays in getting some of the guest musicians together. At present the timescale of recording, production and manufacturing are all well-planned and manageable.

The house gigs and gigs for the unions are, of course, a process of negotiation. There should be no real obstacles in putting the whole project together and in fulfilling my obligations to deliver CDs and gigs.

Contact Information:

Gary Kaye

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