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Mar 4, 2016 9:45 AM ET

Archived: YOUMO – Your Smart Modular Power Strip

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 4, 2016

YOUMO’s modular design lets you try a variety of different power options. Conveniently charge multiple electronics while customizing the style and amount of functions you want. 

Discover more flexible and fun power options than a standard power strip can offer. YOUMO gives you wireless charging, IoT capabilities, multi-USB ports, US and EU sockets all in one power set.

Build a YOUMO power set that is as sleek as all your devices, fun and colorful, and fully equipped to handle your heavy power needs.

  • Choose between 7 Base cord colors and 3 different lengths.
  • Add on the Solo, Triple or Fiver plug module to handle your basic electrical needs.
  • Snap on the Smart module to seamlessly control and communicate with all your plugged-in devices.
  • And if you want your YOUMO to have even more power functions, simply add on more modules.

As our collection of electronic devices continues to grow, so does our need for more outlets and wireless power options. YOUMO grows with your specific power needs — no more, no less. Enjoy having just the right amount of outlets and power functions. Forget about all those power strips, cords and adaptors that would just end up as electrical waste. 

Power strips can be lifesavers when traveling, but not all are so travel friendly. Our power modules make convenient travel companions that can fit into any piece of luggage as separate pieces. And don’t even worry about a travel adaptor: YOUMO lets you mix and match US and EU modules and Base cords together.

YOUMO’s Smart module gives your plugged-in devices IoT powers: wirelessly control, monitor and communicate with multiple electronics all at once. 

  • Snap on the Smart module to the Base cord, add on another outlet module, then plug in your electronics. 
  • With YOUMO’s app, you’ll receive power updates and suggestions for those connected electronics from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 
  • Schedule different times for a lamp to automatically switch on each day or receive a warning message if you leave an appliance on in the kitchen. 

We want to work with you to develop new power modules that will suit your specific power needs in the office, at home, in the studio, at school, and on the road. That’s why we will create an open source platform that will allow enthusiasts, fellow developers and companies to collaborate with us on new modules. 


Perhaps a module that gives you the temperature or creates a hologram of your out-of-office co-worker? Anything is possible! Already have a great idea for one? Get in touch, we would love to hear it! 

Email us at develop@youmo-power.com and we’ll get back to you with more details on how we can work together. 

Stage I: Available Now on Kickstarter

The following modules will get you started in building your very own YOUMO. This core collection gives you the chance to be a part of our exciting journey from the very beginning and to continue to grow your YOUMO set as we add new modules to our collection. Once our campaign is complete, we will send out a survey where you can specify your selections.

The power modules currently available include:

  • BASE CORD: Choose between 3 lengths: 1.5 m [4.92 ft], 2.5 m [8.20 ft] or 4 m [13.12 ft]. Pick from 7 different colors: solid white, black, blue, red, green, yellow or black and white chevron.
  • SOLO MODULE: Includes one socket and two USB ports for easy multi-charging.
  • TRIPLE MODULE (Europe only): This classic European-style Triple plug strip will meet your basic multi-power needs.
  • FIVER MODULE (US only): Designed for US plugs only, it gives you even more power sockets.
  • MULTI-USB MODULE: Charge up to four devices at once with this handy module.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING MODULE: Skip the cables completely and place smaller devices on the top surface to instantly charge up. 
  • SMART MODULE: Enjoy IoT capabilities by adding this module onto your YOUMO set to monitor and communicate with all your plugged-in electronics via the downloadable app.

Note: At this stage, we currently only offer Base cords and modules compatible with EU and US plug/outlet standards. If we reach our first stretch goal, we will also make YOUMO available to more countries’ plug standards.

Stage II: Planned Module Collection

Some of the modules we are showing have been designed and developed, but still need final fine-tuning before we can offer them. With the success of our campaign, we will first fulfill the Kickstarter round of pre-orders. Then we will release our expanded range of modules that you can purchase online.  

We also want to ensure that we build our collection based on feedback from you and the latest technology available. For this reason, we will announce the final selection of planned modules just before they are made available online. 

  • WIRELESS SPEAKER MODULE:  Listen to music or take a call while charging up with this Bluetooth-compatible speaker.
  • LIGHT MODULE: Add on this LED motion-sensor light so you can see all your plugs in a dark corner or use it as a nightlight. 
  • POWERLINE MODULE: Connect to good ol’ ethernet (LAN) and a WiFi access point when WiFi is weak or unreliable. 
  • POWER SURGE MODULE: Get that extra protection against unwanted power surges by adding this module to your set.
  • WIFI REPEATER MODULE: Extend the range of your WiFi network when you can’t find a hotspot or have too much interference. 
  • SENSOR MODULE: Working with your other Smart Home devices, this module will provide even better control over room temperature, lighting and so on.
  • SECURITY MODULE: Unobtrusively surveil your space via infrared or ultrasound detection methods. 
  • UNIVERSAL MODULE: Based on the Solo module, it will have one outlet that works with all plug standards around the world as well as two USB ports. 

Start building your YOUMO from one of these rewards and add on anything from just a Solo module to more USB ports to the Smart module. Select a bigger reward to build a bigger YOUMO or build multiple YOUMOs with one of the rewards that offers multiple Base cords.

For nearly two years, YOUMO has gone through several stages of development. This has included everything from 3D design, taking apart old power strips, to numerous mechanical, electrical and material safety testing. Now we have a working prototype of a YOUMO set that has a seamless, safe interface as well as working prototypes for six different power modules. However, this is not the end, but just the beginning.

 miniatura de video del proyecto 
Contact Information:

Tobias Förtsch, Carsten Fichtel, Cornelius Schneider

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