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Archived: Go Solar America: Helping Small Businesses Reduce Their Electricity Bills By $5,300 A Year

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Do you want to reduce your annual electricity costs by 30 to 60 percent? Go Solar America helps small commercial businesses like restaurants, schools, churches, convenience stores, and office buildings reduce their annual electricity costs by identifying simple, but not obvious, areas of wasted energy consumption and correcting electric utility overcharges.

We go far beyond our namesake of solar power with our personalized energy management consulting and customized Energy Management System (EMS) module. Attached to electrical devices such as air conditioners and commercial refrigeration, our EMS modules allows your devices to operate much more efficiently than you thought possible, resulting in dramatically reduced energy bills.

How can you join them? Read on!


The average small commercial customer in Southern California, where Go Solar America is headquartered, spends $12,000 to $24,000 annually on electricity. This expense is usually their second highest after payroll. The first thought most people have today to lower their utility bills is solar panels.

Solar has long been the darling of the alternative/renewable energy movement, but there’s one catch that no one talks about: it simply isn’t the best option for everyone. First and foremost of that group: small businesses. Here’s why:

Solar photovoltaic systems require a substantial upfront capital investment that many small businesses simply do not have.  

The return on investment can take 20 years or longer.

Small business owners more often than not do not own the building they work in and therefore don’t even have the option to install a solar system.

Government sponsored rebate programs for commercial users are lackluster compared to residential solar systems.  

Solar companies are only focused on creating energy; they have no incentive to provide an energy audit to help you reduce your electricity consumption.


A better solution for small commercial businesses is energy management systems. Here are the main differences between EMSs and solar photovoltaic systems.

The bottom line when it comes to decision making for small commercial customers is that the GSA EMS services can produce savings equal to or greater than Solar PV for a fraction of the cost.


The first thing we do with all new customers is an in-person consulting session. We send someone to your business to talk to you, look over your utility bill, and analyze the smart meter to determine when you are using the most electricity.

We then attach custom-made EMS modules on appliances throughout your facility. We focus on air conditioners (especially in schools, offices, churches, etc.) and refrigerators in restaurants as these have the biggest impact on your electricity consumption.

These devices simply turn your equipment on and off based on preset assumptions such as temperature, time of day, etc. Our consultants learn your business, when people are in and out, and use our tech to make sure your appliances are still available and running when needed, but do so strategically so that they aren’t unnecessarily running all at once.

Plus, our EMS modules are all custom-made from simple off-the-shelf parts. This give us tremendous flexibility to assess and address your specific needs and change out a part if need be.

This is an affordable and highly effective solution to reducing electricity costs. Customers begin to see results immediately because our EMS modules can be fully installed and operational within a single day.


The following are real GSA customers. Check out their savings!

The Produce Place

The Produce Place sales produce, sandwiches, beverages, and smoothies. Their electricity usage breaks down to refrigeration-70%, air conditioning-20%, and lighting-10%. Prior to installing 7 of our EMS modules on their commercial refrigerators, they were spending approximately $12,200 annually on electricity. Following the installation: $8,975 annually.

El Monte SDA Church

El Monte SDA Church is a typical small church, both in terms of size and energy consumption. Churches generally have the greatest savings because they use a lot of AC for 2 to 3 hours per week only. We installed 7 EMS modules which reduced their annual electricity cost from $9,300 to $2,580.


Duarte Unified School District

Our consultations and EMS modules resulted in annual savings of over $35,000.

We charge $1,500 per EMS module installed, but also offer our Shared Savings Program in which customers can lease the modules for an average deposit of $700 to minimize the upfront costs even more.


As of October of 2015, we have installed 230 EMS modules spread across our 80+ customers for a total customer savings portfolio of over $400,000.


Jason has been in the power and alternative energy fields for over 25 years. After obtaining his degree in Electrical Engineering, he went to work for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power as a Design Engineer for over 8 years. Prior to co-founding Go Solar America, Jason was also President and Founder of Innovative Systems Enterprises, a nonprofit with the objective of developing alternative energy and energy conservation technologies. Along the way, he has also worked as an electronics instructor, a solar photovoltaic specialist for several companies, a licensed real-estate agent with over 40 million dollars in transactions, a commodities broker, and the co-owner of a retail bulk candy store in a local mall.

Belita handles many aspects of the business including personnel management, developing administrative standards and procedures, overseeing fiscal management and the annual budget, and defining priorities for all supervised staff.

Linda is responsible for all lead generation through cold calling and canvassing. She contacts  prospective clients and evaluates EMS viability, conducts accurate needs assessments and corresponding analysis, and prepares and presents sales proposals.



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