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Archived: Instamic: The smartest mic on earth, ready to record

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Instamic is the smartest and smallest mic on earth, ready to record at the touch of a button.

With working prototypes of two versions, Instamic and Instamic PRO, we launched an Indiegogo campaign and were over 500% funded before the campaign was even halfway through! We’ve raised $300,153 so far and are still in pre-order mode. 

We’re also working with two of biggest names in the industry (sorry, NDAs prevent us from saying who they actually are) to both refine our product and have it used in some of the biggest settings worldwide. 

Videographers, musicians, and sound technicians alike all love Instamic – keep reading to find out why!


When you feel weighed down by equipment and aren’t able to capture life’s textures so often lost between the recorder and the scene, Instamic is the only audio solution.

Forget setting up transmitters, cables, or external recorders, and simply find your favorite sound source, place your Instamic, and start capturing with ease — even underwater!

Instamic is the easiest and fastest audio recording solution with professional quality, suitable for audio amateurs to the most advanced user with high requirements. Its versatility enables anyone to record sounds previously impossible to capture without expensive equipment and demanding requirements.


  • Place it anywhere with multiple mounting options and capture sounds you’ve never imagined.
  • Instamic follows the sound source for you.
  • Waterproof.


  • Compared to the gear and sound crew you need to get that specific sound in quality and detail.
  • Place multiple mics to capture audio from different perspectives simultaneously.


  • One button solution (turn on-off, rec-stop).
  • Smart adjustment input level.
  • LED VU Meter to monitor the input level anytime.


  • Easy to hide (soft-touch matte black or white).
  • Multiple mounting options (quick release clip with magnet, tape, velcro).


  • Control your mic through your mobile device (iOS and Android app).


  • Fully charged in 2 hours.
  • 8 hours of uncompressed audio.
  • Ultra low power consumption.


  • Precision device technology that integrates mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics through micro fabrication technology.
  • Allows reach to micro dimensions without losing quality compared to standard analog microphones.
  • Software allows us to update even once mics are already on the shelves.


  • Place your Instamic.
  • Remote control it with your mobile device.
  • Follow your subject with never before heard audio precision. 

Simply put: Instamic provides the best quality sound, streaming, and sharing options in a small and portable .5 x 1 x 1.5 inch body.


How We Stack Up


Instamic is off to a great start.

Our Indiegogo campaign was a huge success!

We have several high profile distributors interested in working with us (details available upon request). 

Press mentions and reviews number in the hundreds from technology, lifestyle, and design magazines such as The Next Web, Gizmag, Provideo Coalition, Designboom, and TechCrunch.


We have two huge partnerships in the works — full details coming soon, but we can say that these companies contacted us, not the other way around (so yeah… we’re kind of a big deal). 

Well-known videomakers and sound engineers also want to endorse Instamic as their favorite audio production device. Multiple important journalists, sound engineers and filmographers will be using Instamic on the job.

We’ve filed patents in the US and Europe covering our microphone configuration, algorithms, and enclosure form factor and assembly.

Our PCB and mould is ready for manufacturing. We are handling the development in Europe and have partnered with a big manufacturer in China who is ready to scale up.

Up next: we’ll be ready to ship in Q1 of 2016! After covering our Indiegogo backers, we expect to ship another 7K+ units, totaling 10,000 in the first half of 2016. We’ll continue selling Instamics exclusively on Indiegogo until the end of the year, but come 2016, we’ll relaunch our website for ecommerce and distribute our inventory evenly between our website and our retail distributors.


Michele Baggio, CEO / Inventor
Michele manages everything from engineering to marketing. As a digital media artist and filmmaker with a focus on creative multimedia projects and documentary realism, he has the vision of this product. He holds a BA in Science in Media Technologies and has 10 years experience managing communication projects like events, conventions, meetings, concerts and theatre shows. Clients include: Lightrails San Francisco, Mixamo, Prada Luna Rossa, Venice Biennale, Police, Sting, Furla, Etro, Lozza, Valcucine, Umbria Jazz, etc.

Dino Baggio, R&D
Dino B. has over 40 years of experience in Industrial Research and Development. His last position as Director of Electrolux Global Technology Center focused on chemistry, mechanic and electronic innovation in the home appliance sector. He manages the engineering team and works our improvements for our second revolutionary revision.

Dino Munini, Mechanical Engineer
Dino M. designed the mould and solves all challenges a waterproof device can present. He has over 40 years of experience in mechanical design and engineering, working initially in Zanussi, than collaborating with Electrolux, and during the last 20 years as founder of a company providing design and engineering services with parallel production of mechanical micro-components made of plastic and moulded using tech-polymers like peek and LCD. He was honored with the “Gold Compass” for an innovative domestic washing machine design and he has over fifty international patents applications.

Atra, Production Services
Atra has 20 years of experience in product design, research and development, application technologies, and production processes all in one package.


HWTrek – Hardware begins here
A team of experts with hardware solutions, insight and services, and the latest technology. An ecosystem uniting the hardware world, bringing ideas to life.

Contact Information:

Michele Baggio, CEO / Inventor

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