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Archived: IFA Prowear: Authentic, distinctive bamboo apparel created to enhance the performance of action sports athletes and enthusiasts year around

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IFA Prowear

IFA Prowear’s First Offer

Denver, Colorado



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With our first offer on Kickfurther, IFA Prowear will fund an upcoming order of the first 2016 delivery of our exclusive Tru-Bamboo performance apparel. This order consists of our full line of clothing for men and women. 

IFA Prowear apparel is made using our True-Bamboo knit fabrics. Tru-Bamboo is a natural, high-performance fabric. IFA created Tru-Bamboo to amplify the natural performance characteristics of bamboo fabric. Our exclusive blend of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex fibers are spun then knit to deliver maximum functionality with the stretch and comfort to create the softest, highest-performance apparel on the planet. Tru-Bamboo simply outperforms other bamboo blend fabrics and blows away synthetics.


About IFA Prowear

We are “In For All”. IFA Prowear is authentic, distinctive bamboo apparel created to enhance the performance of action sports athletes and enthusiasts year around. Based in Denver, Colorado – we are blessed with the climate and terrain to cross-train all year long.

IFA is an acronym for “In For All”. At IFA we are all in. All Sports. All People. All Year. Every IFA product is made of our exclusive Tru-Bamboo fabrics. Tru-Bamboo is an innovative blend of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, delivering superior functionality, comfort and performance. Bamboo is eco-friendly as it grows incredibly quickly making it highly sustainable. 

IFA began in 2014 with an idea…an idea to translate the freedom of individuality embraced by action sports world into high performance apparel. We found that most performance products are made of me-too materials expressing mass tastes and fashion. We also learned that many ‘performance’ fabrics are enhanced by chemicals to facilitate wicking or reduce odor. Unfortunately the functionality of these additives diminishes over a relatively small number of washings. We knew there had to be a better solution for a more comfortable performance material. And we found it in bamboo.

Two product lines. One standard of performance. We have two distinct categories of product. Our Techwear is cut loose for free movement while delivering all the performance of Tru-Bamboo. Our Nakedwear, fits like a second skin amplifying the natural comfort that comes from the thermo-control characteristics of Tru-Bamboo.

About the owner

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Ian Kayler, Founder – Grew up in Nederland, Colorado. In the mountains Ian found his love for active outdoor sports, regardless of the season. As a pro freestyle skier Ian used the most technically advanced skigear available. More often than not, some of the apparel he was supplied didn’t perform nearly as well as the equipment. When Ian left the pro circuit he set out on an even greater journey – to develop a better performance apparel. Apparel that enhances the athlete’s performance, that feels great, and is good for the planet too. On that journey, IFA and Tru-Bamboo were born.

Dan Rohr

Dan Rohr, Biz Dev – A fourth generation Coloradoan, Dan has mountain sports in his blood. Dan’s business acumen was refined while attaining a B.A. in Mass Communications/Public Relations and Marketing from Colorado Mesa University. Dan’s passion for business is eclipsed only by his love of running…which makes him an ideal fitand photo model for IFA. 


Joe Decker

Joe Decker, Sales –  Joe’s industry expertise in unparraled. Joe brings over 30 years of mountain sports and ski industry experience to IFA. His retail relationships are long-standing and come as a result of Joe’s consistent ability to deliver innovative and high-quality products to retailers across the mountain states.

Meredith Rusch

Meredith Rusch, Social Media – Meredith admits she’s a social media nerd. Meredith is never without her iPhone, tablet or laptop…even when busting the runs in Breckenridge – her favorite place to ski. Meredith’s deep dive into the latest and best practices on social media channels has been instrumental in bringing the IFA brand to thousands. 

Rick Rusch

Rick Rusch, Branding/Marketing – A Colorado native, who strayed to the Midwest, is back in the mountains where he belongs. Rick’s lifetime of professional experience in branding, marketing and selling have contributed to building IFA into a brand that is mature beyond its years. Rick’s focus on positioning has been instrumental in the evolution of both the company and Tru-Bamboo. When not in front of computer Rick can be found in a trout stream, single-track or ski run. 



Bamboo fabric is an ideal material for apparel engineered for high performance. Bamboo fabric is lightweight and strong. Even more imImage titleportantly bamboo fabric has excellent wicking properties and is antibacterial – keeping you dry and odor free.

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass. Bamboo fabric has grown in popularity because it has many unique properties and is more sustainable than most textile fibers.


Bamboo fabrics are high performance – but not all bamboo fabrics perform as well as Tru-Bamboo. Our exclusive blend of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex fibers are spun to deliver maximum bamboo functionality with the stretch and comfort required for truly high performance apparel.

IFA created Tru-Bamboo to amplify the natural performance characteristics of bamboo fabric. Tru-Bamboo simply outperforms other bamboo blend fabrics: 

Moisture Wicking

Bamboo also has excellent wicking properties.  In its knit form, True-Bamboo maintains the water absorbing characteristics of the bamboo plant – able to take in up to three times it’s weight in water!  True-Bamboo pulls moisture away from the skin, accelerating evaporation – keeping skin dry. 


Bacteria does not live well in bamboo. Unlike other fabrics requiring a bacteria reducing chemical treatment, Tru-Bamboo fiber apparel is naturally anti-microbial requiring no added harmful chemicals. Aided by its thermal regulating abilities Tru-Bamboo remains odor free – even after multiple times wearing without washing.

Natural Image titleUV Protection 

Tru-Bamboo fiber fabrics have natural UV protection. Our fabrics score at UPF 50+ – Blocking 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. The UPF system was created to measure and rate sun protective fabrics. The UPF rate indicates how much of the sun’s UV radiation is absorbed by the fabric. The advantage of the UPF standard is that both UVB and UVA are measured. Tru-Bamboo protects your skin from UV radiation even when exposed to the sun for long periods of time or at higher elevations.


Tru-Bamboo is better for thermal regulating. Our fabrics stay 2-3 degrees cooler in hot temperatures and noticeably warmer in cold temperatures for year-round comfort. The high bamboo content of Tru-Bamboo absorbs moisture 3-4 times better than cotton, keeping skin comfortable in a range of conditions.


Since Tru-Bamboo fibers do not require chemical treatment, they are naturally smooth with no sharp spurs to irritate the skin, making our bamboo fabric hypoallergenic and perfect for those who experience allergic reactions to other natural fibers such aImage titles wool. 

Easy Care

Always check the care labels for the instructions for best care. Tru-Bamboo cleans best in cold-water washing. Do not use bleach. Line drying is recommended. If quicker drying is needed, use the low heat setting of the dryer.


Bamboo fabric has grown in popularity because it has many unique performance properties and is more sustainable than most textile fibers. Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass. Bamboo fiber is made by pulping the bamboo grass until it separates into thin threads of fiber, which is then spun and dyed for knitting. Here are a few reasons why bamboo is an ideal performance apparel fiber:

Breathable – A cross-section of the bamboo fiber is covered with micro-gaps giving the fabric better moisture absorption and ventilation. As a result, it is able to keep the wearer almost two degrees cooler in the heat and noticeably warmer in the cold.

Hygienic – Bamboo is resistant to odor, mold, mildew, and bacteria even after numerous washings. It is also Hypoallergenic.

Comfortable – The first thing you’ll notice is the soft hand of True-Bamboo. It really feels good next to your skin. Stretch means IFA apparel moves with you and never binds.

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Easy Care – Bamboo is machine washable in cool water. Fabric softeners are not needed or recommended. Never wrinkles.

Environmentally Friendly – Bamboo is a renewable resource. In addition, pesticides and fungicides are not used in the growing of bamboo as is it is seldom eaten by insects or infected by pathogens.

Did you know? – Bamboo fabrics are not produced from a tree but an extremely fast growing grass. In fact, Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. Some species can grow up to 1 meter per day and up to 60 feet in height within 90 days.




Contact Information:

Ian Kayler, Founder

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