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Mar 3, 2016 4:23 PM ET

Archived: Fishbit: Your Aquarium Made Simple

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 3, 2016

The world’s simplest aquarium monitor and controller. Fishbit helps keep your tank thriving and fish and corals happy!


It’s two beautiful devices: a Monitor that lives inside your aquarium and a Controller that powers and automates your aquarium equipment. Both devices connect to your home’s WiFi so you can use your phone to control your tank from anywhere in the world!

Your Monitor continuously checks your tank’s important water parameters — temperature, pH and salinity — as well as your tanks water level. So you can spend more time enjoying your tank and less time testing your water.

Your Controller makes sure that the equipment around your tank is operating optimally 24/7. You can easily control and program your heaters, pumps, and even your dimmable LEDs!

The Fishbit App is your interface for everything: you can see how your tank is doing in real-time, get alerts, turn equipment on or off, and much, much more. 

Whether you’re new to the hobby or are a reef guru caring for multiple tanks, Fishbit makes it easy to keep your corals thriving and your fish happy.

Keeping your water parameters stable is the key to a thriving tank. We combine real-time data with easy automation to make it easier than ever to have a stable tank. In addition to testing your water parameters, the Fishbit Monitor has an add on water-level sensor that when combined with your Controller can create an automatic top off.

No more worrying about equipment failure. We’ll alert you if anything goes wrong and even take actions to prevent disasters.

Fishbit is up and running in the time it takes to feed your fish. And it’s easy to automate your tank even if you’re not a brain sturgeon. For example it takes just a few clicks to sync your lights to any location in the world.

Last year we launched a 50 unit beta test of Fishbit here on Kickstarter and sold out on day 1 thanks to you amazing people! We did this so that we can take our R&D process and iterate over and over with real user feedback to make Fishbit better. We’re so incredibly grateful for our beta users and we thought you should hear what they have to say!

Reef-er a friend! Or two or three!

If you’ve bought a Fishbit and someone you refer buys a Fishbit, we’ll upgrade your Fishbit to include a special surprise 🙂

Also for each Fishbit purchased because of you we will lower the price of your Fishbit by $25! You can do this as many times as you like.

Here’s how it works:

1. enter the email you used to buy a Fishbit on this form.

2. Share this link with friends and family.

3. That’s it! Once this Kickstarter ends we will count up all the Fishbit you are responsible for and give you a refund!

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