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Mar 2, 2016 3:05 PM ET

Archived: The best equity crowdfunding sites for startups – part 2

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 2, 2016

On Part One of this post we covered three sites, two US-based (Fundable and Crowdfunder) and one based in the UK (Seedrs). In this post, we’ll cover another two American sites and another one from Europe. For our international readers, we’ll present some cases elsewhere in the world.

Angel List (angel.co)

Angel List is one of the pioneers in the market, having come to market as early as 2010, initially advocating for the JOBS Act.

Nowadays, the portal is among the largest equity crowdfunding platforms, having raised more than $160 million in 2015 alone.

The site offers some interesting investment opportunities in order to limit the risk to investors: syndicates and funds, the former closely overseen and scrutinized by experienced angel investors. At times, they both hold up to 100 different companies each, so the investment is split among them.


EquityNet usually attracts more traditional businesses, such as medical clinics, real estate brokers (they don’t offer real estate crowdfunding), and other ventures. They are the oldest player in the market, having formed in 2005.

While most of their projects are US-based, there are also a number of from Australia.

The minimum value for investment is decided by the entrepreneur himself.


Perhaps the most famous equity crowdfunding platform in the UK, Crowdcube managed to fund more than 350 startups by raising more than £130 million for them.

There is a large number of small businesses listed in the platform, from juice shops to niche e-commerce websites.

While the focus in on equity crowdfunding, the site works in a very similar way to traditional rewards-based platforms, with hyped-up businesses and strict schedules, to get an investment.

Elsewhere in the world

Equity crowdfunding is taking the world. While America and the UK dominate the equity scene, there are also initiatives in other countries. In China, this financing method is particularly significant, as Wanda Group publicly attracts investors for their plazas.

Sites worth mentioning

  • Companisto, a German-based platform
  • Broota, the leader in equity crowdfunding in Brazil
  • Crowdo, a registered platform in Malaysia
  • Demohour, a Chinese equity crowdfunding website
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