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Mar 2, 2016 7:41 EST

SPRiZZi Drink Company: Culligan joins SPRiZZi with an amazing beverage service campaign allowing Sponsors to earn up to 20X ROI with an incredible beverage system!

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 2, 2016

SPRiZZi Drink Company

Sprizzi is now allowing investors to gain a fast ROI by having Culligan Water do what it does best… offer impeccable customer service to their customers for SPRiZZi’s single serve beverage system!

The way we drink and consume beverages is changing. We knew this four years ago.

We at SPRiZZi are a team of engineers and entrepreneurs – motivated by passion, inspired by impact, and committed to making things refreshingly simple.

We are building the future and changing the way people who value time, convenience, cost, and the earth consume beverages in their homes, offices, and fitness centers.

We have been developing for three years what Coke and Keurig wanted to do when they launched The Keurig Kold.

This is the SPRiZZi DRiNK MACHiNE.


SPRiZZi delivers game changing, on-demand variety of sparkling or non-carbonated beverages all freshly made with SPRiZZi’s simplicity and natural ingredients. We aren’t just about soda, we have carefully aligned with some of the most up and coming boutique companies around.

We currently have several patents pending on our beverage dispenser and on the flavor bullets.

Big competitors’ perceived advantages can often mask their even bigger disadvantages.

Sometimes the little guys or unknowns develop a far superior product than the big boys. Why? Less bureaucracy, more passion and frankly just better ideas. Think of us as a confident competitor who is more than happy to be underestimated.


And now, exclusively on the crowdfunder.com website, you can become a limited SPRiZZi Golden Ticket Sponsor, and earn a handsome ROI, all while helping SPRiZZi accomplish its goal of countertop domination!




With over 650 offices committed to having a SPRiZZi Drink Machine in their break rooms, you can invest in one of 350 SPRiZZi Golden Tickets starting as low as $2,500 with the potential for a 20X ROI. And the beauty is it’s paid on gross sales and as soon as your sponsored office gets their dispenser, generally in less than 90 days from your investment.

And the wonderful thing as a Golden Ticket Sponsor, if the offices you sponsor consume more than the average projected, your returns could be even greater.

And finally, all offices are being managed by a company with a name you can trust. Culligan has been in the water service business since 1936. That’s 80 years of reliable service handling your Sponsored Customers.


Contact Information:

Michael Breault

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