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Mar 2, 2016 10:32 AM ET

Archived: Phat Girlz A Cookin’ wants to feed everyone high quality multi-cultural infused dishes, including those without access to a healthy and flavorful meal

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 2, 2016
Personal Story

I am a Wife, Mother and Happy Grandmother of a grandson who is just as excited as I am about cooking and doing business. He says, “I’m his favorite entrepreneur.” As Chef/Owner of PhatGirlzACookin I would love to feed the world one plate at a time. My goal is to own and operate a Café that Caters to the Homeless and Hungry. A place where they can feel comfortable and relax for a while. I currently work at Conflict Kitchen as a Front Line Cook as it affords me plethora of opportunity to hone my skills not only in the kitchen, but in the front of house as well. I have been given the opportunity to engage with customers from different cultures and learn to cook food from several different countries. Working at Conflict Kitchen has given me the confidence I needed to take my own business to another level. By Selling as many dinners and booking events, garnering catering contracts I will be able to achieve my dream.

Business Description

Phat Girlz A Cookin’ was established in 2011 to provide high quality multi-cultural infused dishes to the masses. While many may head into catering to see the joy on their patron’s faces, Phat Girlz A Cookin’ wants to feed everyone, including those without access to a healthy and flavorful meal. With a deep desire to utilize the “suspended tab” system in daily operations, those who cannot afford to pay will be afforded a meal at Phat Girlz A Cookin’. The challenge of getting patrons to pay a little extra to “pay it forward” and help those less fortunate is one that we believe can be achieved.

With award winning dishes on the menu, like Phat MacNCheese and Pineapple Coleslaw, the comfort foods that Phat Girlz A Cookin’ provides are just as much about flavor as community. Our desired customers are definitely those with a refined palate and taste buds for high-quality food, but they are also those willing to pay into the “suspended tab” system so someone that cannot afford a meal can still enjoy one. With the intent of starting Phat Girlz A Cookin to feed the ones that need it the most, the pride of the business rests on Phat Girlz’ dedication to the community and ending hunger. By getting this loan I will be able to expand my business and take on more catering opportunities and networking events.

What is the purpose of this loan?

Website Development – $250
License/Certification – $500
Smallwares: Pots, Pans, etc. – $350
Marketing Materials/Brand Awareness/Event Fees for 2016 – $750
Commercial Brand Equipment – $1,000
Shared Kitchen Space Leasing – $750
Business Coach Fees – $400
Delivery Vehicle – $1,000

Contact Information:


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