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Archived: CRS Electronics Inc.: leader in the growing market of high efficiency light emitting diode (“LED”), or, solid-state lighting (“SSL”)

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CRS Electronics Inc. (TSX-V:LED) is a leader in the emerging, rapidly growing market of high efficiency light emitting diode (“LED”), or, solid-state lighting (“SSL”). The principal activities of CRS Electronics include the development, manufacture and sale, primarily in North America, of indoor lighting products such as LED replacement lamps, exterior LED warning lights for school buses, child safety systems for school buses, LED architectural lighting fixtures, and contract manufacturing of LED circuit boards. As an innovator of LED solutions since 1998, CRS Electronics Inc. continues to expand its product portfolio and market presence with business partners and customers. KVIC Lighting™ and Lumenova™ are two product lines that exemplify CRS Electronics Inc. commitment of expansion.

  • Lumen Output Our Cove and Graze products produce the highest lumen output in the industry. At more than 1,000 lumens per foot, there are established competitors who produce 500 lumens per foot. An aging population requires more and not less light, and lighting standards, which dictate how much light is required in commercial spaces, increase each year.
  • Efficacies – Over-driving LED’s to achieve high lumen output is a common practice. It shortens the life of the LED chip and wastes energy. Our fixtures lead the industry in Efficaciousness (lumens per watt) which is a measure of how much light per watt consumed a product yields.  This is the industry’s method of “miles per gallon” when selecting fixtures.
  • Triac Dimming Most of the industry utilizes 0-10 volt dimming protocol. It requires a relay module that is mounted inside junction boxes. Our products use Triac dimming which is the same protocol as an incandescent dimmer.  There are no special low voltage controllers or dimmers required.
  • Manufacturing – Proudly manufactured in Canada, we own capital equipment that creates lighting boards placed inside each fixture. Unlike many competitors who import finished goods from Asia, we are able to adapt to customer demand and offer more options because we inventory parts instead of completed fixtures.


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