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Mar 2, 2016 12:06 PM ET

CLEANLY: Simple On-Demand Laundry Delivery

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 2, 2016

The average urbanite spends 10 hours per month doing laundry. Cleanly is a laundry and dry cleaning delivery service that solves this headache with a single click. Scheduled from their simple app, Cleanly picks up, cleans, folds and then returns your clothes all within 24 hours. Our software also automates the entire logistics chain – this efficiency allows us to stay price competitive with the local cleaners at just $1.50 / lb.


Old school laundromats did $14B in revenue last year with almost no software – laundry and dry cleaning hasn’t changed in decades. We still scrounge for quarters, drag our clothes down the sidewalk, lose the claim tag, only to find our favorite shirt ruined. We think most people would rather just press a button and have clean underwear delivered. First we’ll perfect the model in the $1B NYC market before expanding to the 10-15 densest cities in the US and then abroad.

  • 30% monthly compound growth for 12 months.
  • 23% contribution margins.
  • 76% customers order more than once. $985 avg. customer revenue / year.
  • $1.50 per pound for regular laundry. 24 hr turnaround.
  • US laundry service market: $14B.
  • $2.5M Annual Revenue Run Rate in NYC alone. Expanding to more cities in 2016.
  • Select investors: Y Combinator, Garry Tan, Paul Buccheit, Alexis Ohanian, 500 Startups.


Cleanly has figured out a unique model that balances competitive pricing with profitable margins. Check out this great article on unit economics of on-demand startups to learn more.

Customer yearly value
Compound monthly growth for 12 months
Customers from word-of-mouth
Order more than once
Net Promoter Score
Avg. deliveries / driver / hour
Customer acquisition cost
Contribution margin
Avg. order size

Cleanly has grown 38% compounded monthly for 12 months. While they could’ve grown faster they’ve chosen to focus expansion to maximize demand density and preserve driver efficiency and in turn their high margins. While only in Manhattan and Brooklyn at the moment they have plans to expand to three[+ READ MORE]



The current app has a 4.5 star rating in the App Store.



A few key slides. Download the entire pitch deck as a PDF.



No company is perfect. The fastest growing startups all have their share of risks and future challenges. The question is whether Tom and his team are addressing them in the right way?

1. Differentiation and barriers to entry

Laundry is laundry to most people. Is Cleanly’s convenience and quality of service worth the 20% price increase over local shops? Also, there are at least three other startups working on the same problem. Can Cleanly’s proprietary software and low costs set them apart from the competition?


2. Demand outside wealthy cities

New York and San Francisco are the most expensive cities in the US. Often proving grounds for startups like Cleanly, it’s difficult to know whether 10-15 other urban areas will spend money on luxuries like laundry delivery.


3. Finance risk

Cleanly has raised $3M+ since launching one year ago. They’re on track to profitability by 2017 but running out of capital is always a risk.


4. Macroeconomic trends

Economic downturn could pinch wallets and result in more people walking to the laundromat. Also increased minimum wage could affect Cleanly’s cleaning costs.


Contact Information:

Tom Harari

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