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Mar 2, 2016 3:00 PM ET

Archived: 100 Hours: The ultimate video training resource for artists

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 2, 2016

Hello and thank you for checking out our project! 100 Hours is an exciting new idea to make exclusive high-quality, diverse and insightful art-based video training affordable and accessible to everyone.     

We have taken on the huge task of collaborating with 100 renowned artists from a wide range of artistic fields and styles, covering everything from traditional illustration to 3D modelling and concept art to traditional sculpture. By backing this project you will help us to give you the opportunity to gain an insight into the working practices of some of your favourite artists, discover new techniques, and learn new skills from some of the most talented and popular creative minds in the world.

We have joined forces with a vast assortment of artists and have recruited them to help us make 100 hours of video training which we will make available for an affordable one-off price of £18 (US$25). The beauty of 100 Hours is that there is no subscription required. By backing this project, you will be able to access an amazing 100 hours’ worth of art tutorials, which you can download and watch over and over again. 

If you back this campaign you will be given a unique login and password that will allow you to stream videos from the 100 Hours website on to your computer, phone or tablet. You can download content too and take it with you wherever you go. We are also going to make a DVD boxset of all 100 videos available for £50 (US$70).     

The 100 Hours website will run for 2 years from its launch. During this time you will also be able to stream and watch videos as well as download them. Why 2 years? We thought 2 years would offer everyone a good amount of time to be able to download the videos to keep forever. Our goal is to continue to add to and improve this project, so in the future we would like to re-launch this concept with new artists, new training videos, and demonstrate new skills and techniques.

Getting so many great artists to create a good-quality hour-long video is a significant undertaking, which is why we have decided to launch this project on Kickstarter. All the artists involved will be paid an amount that reflects the success of this campaign once it has been funded, which will enable them to create video content ready for us to edit and produce.    

By funding this project you are not only benefiting from the knowledge of 100 incredible artists, you are also supporting the community that both you and we love.

Tutorial topics are subject to change and the images used above are just representative of the artists work, they are not an image taken from the artists training videos.
Tutorial topics are subject to change and the images used above are just representative of the artists work, they are not an image taken from the artists training videos.


Abigail Larson, Ahmed Aldoori, Ahmed Rawi, Aleksandr Nikonov, Alessandra Fusi, Alessandro Baldasseroni, Alex Negrea, Ania Tomicka, Anna Dittmann, Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Bobby Rebholz, Brian Kesinger, Cesar Zambelli, Charlie Bowater, Christophe Desse, Chris Gillett, Clint Cearley, Cory Godbey, Cris Delara, Daarken, Damien Mammoliti, Daniel Crossland, Darren Bartley, Denis Zilber, Eduardo Vieira, Erica Calardo, Fawn Veerasunthorn, Faye Halliday, Frida Lundqvist, Gabriel Soares, Gareth Davies, Glauco Longhi, Glen Southern, Genzoman, Henning Sanden, Ignacio Bazan Lazcano, Ilya Kuvshinov, Ioan Dumitrescu, J.C. Park, Jama Jurabaev, James W. Cain, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Jeff Merghart, Jesse Aclin, John Grello, Jose Pericles, Joverine, Julio Cesar (aka mz09art), Kan Muftic, Lenka Simeckova, Leticia Reinaldo, Lisa Henke, Loopy Dave, Maja Wronska, Marat Ars, Mattias Adolfsson, Mathias Zamecki, Matt Tkocz, Max Grecke, Michael Hampton, Micheł Sawtyruk, Mike Azevedo, Mike Redman, Mitch Malloy, Nikita Kaun, Piotr Jabłoński, Piper Thibodeau (aka Cryptid Creations), Randy Bishop, Richard Symonds, Rory Bjorkman, Ryan Metcalf, Sabrina Miramon, Savina Petkova, Sergi Brosa, Suzanne Helmigh, Sylwia Bomba, Szymon Biernacki, The Shiflett Brothers, Therese Larsson, Thomas Scholes, Titus Lunter, Tran Nguyen, Wanchana Intrasombat, Wouter Tulp, Wylie Beckert, and Zac Retz.

Glauco Longhi (who features in our main video) is one of the many artists who will be creating a video for 100 Hours, but is in no way involved in this project’s creation and planning.

To get you involved, we have purposefully left a handful of spaces available for artists that backers would like to recommend to help us with this project. Have a think about an artist you would like to learn from and leave their name in the comments section. We will do our best to contact as many of the suggested artists as possible and try to get them included. (Please note that backing this project does not guarantee your suggested artist being involved – although we’ll do our best to please as many people as possible!)    

  • Tier 1: £18 Unlimited downloads and full access to 100 hours of video tutorial content through the 100 Hours website! (Accessible from July 2016)
  • Tier 2: £25 Early access! Unlimited downloads and full access to all 100 hours of video content through the 100 Hours website, one month early! (Accessible from June 2016)
  • Tier 3: £50 Unlimited downloads and full early access to 100 hours of video tutorial content through the 100 Hours website (accessible from June 2016) + a DVD boxset of all 100 hours video content – no bandwidth worries! (Delivered July 2016)


This project can only happen if fully funded so help us to spread the word by sharing it with your friends! 

Click here to Tweet this!   

For backers of the £18 and £25 tiers: No shipping charges! All the videos will be available to stream on your computer, tablet or phone from the 100 Hours website.     

For backers of the £50 tier: We ship worldwide! Once you have opted for this tier simply select your location and Kickstarter will calculate the shipping for you. Shipping in the UK will be trackable; however shipping outside of the UK will be untracked. If you require a tracked solution for your boxset please message us or email support@3dtotal.com and we’ll provide a shipping quote.    

In the event of lost orders in the mail (it happens!), we will offer to resend the order once for free, or alternatively you will have the option of a refund. Please note that we can only reship an order once if it is lost. If the second parcel is lost, we will not be able to offer a refund.

Thanks very much to the following websites for helping us spread the word about this campaign!

Parka Blogs
Parka Blogs

3dtotal has been publishing art education books, magazines, ebooks, and online training since 1999. We are committed to providing high-quality, affordable educational and inspirational resources for both professional and amateur artists.    

We have had several successful crowdfunded art projects in the past (for example the Sketch Workshop and the Art of Loish artbook) but 100 Hours is the most ambitious and exciting project we’ve tackled to date. We want to see the industry we love grow and thrive and we believe that 100 Hours is going to be an excellent opportunity for artists to build their skills, explore new mediums and discover the exciting new work of others.

All video content has been created for 3dtotal.com Ltd. and cannot be sold or used commercially in any way, shape or form by any person(s) or organization(s) other than3dtotal.com Ltd unless they have been given permission. Products, both digital and physical, received as part of this campaign are not to be used for resale, or used commercially by any other person(s) or organization(s) other than 3dtotal.com Ltd.    

Images and video footage used to depict the 100 Hours website in the campaign videos are only used for demonstration purposes and are not the same images and video footage that will feature on the 100 Hours website. The images used in this campaign are the property of the relevant artists (listed by each image). They are not to be sold or used commercially in any way, shape or form by any person(s) or organization(s) without the consent of the artist.

Although all the listed artists have agreed to create a video for us, on occasion unforeseen circumstances arise meaning artists cannot complete work they have agreed to. This means the final 100 Hours site may not feature a video by an artist listed above, however 3dtotal will replace any missing artist to the best of our ability if this happens.

Once the project has been funded the artists will get to work on their videos and 3dtotal will finish constructing the download platforms so that the project is ready on time! We have already started to build the website and platforms and the artists are making preparations for their tutorials so we are on track to deliver the content on time!    

Contact Information:

3DTotal Games

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