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Mar 1, 2016 12:17 PM ET

Archived: GovernArt and BNamericas launch ALAS20: looking for companies and investors with a strong commitment to sustainable development

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 1, 2016

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Santiago, Chile, March 1, 2016 – GovernArt and BNamericas announce the launch of the 2016 edition of ALAS20, an exclusive Latin American survey that will identify and award a prize to the company and investor with the strongest commitment to sustainable development.


The open survey will take place between March 7 and May 6, 2016. The results will be unveiled by the end of May.


Although many companies and professionals do a thorough job integrating ‘sustainable development’ into their business, there is no regional prize for those who stand out in reporting their sustainability practices and policies.


That is why ALAS20 – Agenda de Líderes Sustentables 2020 – and BNamericas – a business information platform with more than 20 years of experience in Latin America – will poll, assess, qualify and award a prize for excellence in the public reporting of information on sustainable development, corporate governance and responsible investment practices. The study will focus on companies and investors from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.


The first step in the ALAS20 process is the survey that will gather information to identify those companies and professionals that are leaders in the areas of environmental, social and corporate governance, and that have embarked on a clear sustainable development strategy for the next four years.


To start the process, GovernaArt and BNamericas will launch the survey on March 7. The first stage of the Study on the Perception of Sustainable Companies and Responsible Investors will identify corporations, institutions and executives leading the way in these non-financial areas of business, as well as corporate governance.


Germán Heufemann, the Executive Director of ALAS20 Latin America who oversees the initiative, said: “The study, through the survey, is the first step to get to know the perception and opinions of key players in the market about sustainable development, and responds to questions like: What companies are seen as sustainable? And, Which investors are considered responsible in the way their investment procedures are carried out?


“The answers to these types of questions not only show that these social, environmental and corporate governance areas are key to doing business in the context of the need for sustainable development for Latin America. It also confirms that investors have an essential role in pushing sustainable development in the region, be it rewarding companies that integrate these values with new investments, or including that vision when recommending investments, managing assets or just investing, taking into consideration not only the desire for fast economic returns,” Heufemann added.


Greg Barton, BNamericas founder and CEO, believes that “identifying the companies that show strong commitment to sustainable development in Latin America is much more than rewarding good practices. It is a must-have for those who want to do business in the region, especially in industries that have more active interaction with the environment.”


BNamericas – which has an exclusive database with more than 3,300 mining, oil & gas, electric power, water & waste and infrastructure projects in Latin America – is participating in this initiative “to add value for our customers, who every day demand more non-financial information on the thousands of companies involved in those projects. The way those companies behave in the areas of sustainable development, corporate governance and responsible investment is crucial for the success of those projects,” said Barton.


The ALAS20 study started in Chile in 2014 and the following year executives from Colombia were added to the survey. This year it is adding key players in Mexico and Brazil, giving it a regional scope.


From June 2016 on, the results of the survey will be available for companies that want to access the Study on the Perception of Sustainable Companies and Responsible Investors, and investors who buy the Study on the Perception of Responsible Investors.




About the survey

The online survey will be launched on March 7 and run until May 6, 2016. The results will be known by the end of May.


There are various stages for companies and investors to participate in ALAS20. You can download the Participant Kit from www.alas20.com, which allows for free use of ALAS20 logos to share and promote the participation of companies and investors in the process.


The survey is 100% open and you may also vote accessing www.alas20.com, www.governart.com, www.bnamericas.com, www.rsnoticias.com, www.cirs.org.co, www.editec.cl, www.sustentare.cl, www.mch.cl, www.latinomineria.com, www.revistaenergia.cl, www.lignum.cl, www.aqua.cl  and www.pactoglobal.cl.



For more information go to ALAS20´s site.


Communication Contact ALAS20                        Participant Contact ALAS20

Ruben Salgado                                                                Diana Rubinstein

ruben.salgado@alas20.com                                   diana.rubinstein@alas20.com


BNamericas’ contact

Cesar Illiano


Contact Information:

Ruben Salgado

Diana Rubinstein

Cesar Illiano

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