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Mar 1, 2016 9:26 EST

Crowdera: future of funding for things that matter

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 1, 2016

A free crowdfunding platform where vetted non-profits, individuals & organizations raise money from their crowd and simultaneously pitch to giving funds by corporations, foundations and syndicates.

The future of funding for things that matter!

Crowdera is a highly curated crowdfunding platform for non profits, individuals and entrepreneurs to raise money free for a cause, innovation or passion. Crowdera believes doing good should not be penalized, so we do not dip into your contribution and promote fee free fundraising for what matters to you.

Crowdera is building a proprietary algorithm to align vision of giving corporations, donor syndications, and foundations with that of fundraisers via unique new age patentable internet tools on our platform. We are building a very simple and scalable technology driven business model that would help corporations, fundraisers & Crowdera to be successful at the same time.



  • Product expertise from eBay and Amazon
  • Bootstrapped with Founder & Friends Seed
  • Unique, Fremium, Simple business model
  • Company build to last and scale fast
  • Compliant to operate in USA and India


Feature Highlights

  • TeamUp multiplies fundraising results without having to manage multiple campaigns
  • StoryMaker is a very simple campaign creation tool that engages users from the beginning of the process when they’re on the site, to the end of the process when we follow up with specifics of the impact of giving.
  • Giving Credits fosters user growth, engages our community without having to pull out their wallet.
  • Share Your Giving is a very unique contribution matching program for companies to improve their brand perception while engaging their employees and customers;
  • Gifting Good program for friends and families;
  • Earn to Give program is our unique take on affiliate programs.
  • Innovative corporate sponsorship integration is an elegant, non-invasive, contextual, and effective for corporations and large organizations


Contact Information:

Chet Jain

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