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Mar 1, 2016 8:35 AM ET

Archived: Calendar Watch – Redefining Timekeeping

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 1, 2016


A watch that combines the heritage of watchmaking and one of a kind design with an always visible daily calendar that syncs with the most popular digital calendars, so you can see your day at a glance.

Your favorite digital calendar's scheduled items for the day are shown on the watch face as dark segments
Your favorite digital calendar’s scheduled items for the day are shown on the watch face as dark segments

After careful testing and studies, we have come to the conclusion that the best user experience is achieved by making the Calendar Watch as simple as possible by leaving all extra features to the app and online calendars. There are no buttons or unnecessary functions. 

This is a new way to look at time. 

The Calendar Watch allows you to be on top of your game and gives you the ability to better manage your time.

The watch can also save you time because you are not constantly opening calendars for quick checks and it allows you to focus on what you should be doing. It is an efficiency tool to define your work life. Multitasking drops an average man’s IQ by 15 points (source: Stanford).

Nobody likes the guy who is constantly checking his phone at a restaurant, regardless of what’s so important on the screen. Don’t be that guy, yet still know what’s happening in your calendar. On average, a smartphone owner checks their phone 221 times a day (in UK, source: Tecmark) and we think that’s a bit too much.

The battery of the Calendar Watch lasts for weeks and keeps your schedule with you, even when your smartphone dies.

We didn’t want to complicate your life by adding another complicated device, we wanted to help make your life less complicated.

Never be late for another meeting. Calendar Watch gives you more freedom from your phone, increases your productivity, and gives you peace of mind.

The Calendar Watch is a real and lasting classic timepiece.

The watch is conceived and designed by renowned Japanese art director Masashi Kawamura, who has been featured on the FastCompany’s most creative people list, and Italian industrial designer Umberto Onza, who together have fused the aesthetics and demands of consumers who want to curate their own style with an eye toward story, craftsmanship, and individuality.

With its iconic, refined features, the watch pays tribute to the heritage of watchmaking. It’s polished stainless steel case provides a classic feel, with both comfort and durability, while it’s domed hardened sapphire glass is made to last.

Industrial Designer Umberto Onza at work
Industrial Designer Umberto Onza at work
Special Edition - Black with black genuine leather wristband
Special Edition – Black with black genuine leather wristband

You can choose from three models: Polar White, Aqua Blue, and Special Edition Black. The models are identical, apart from colors and materials. 

Polar White watch model has polished stainless steel body and comes with a brown genuine leather strap with white stitching.

Aqua Blue watch model has a matte stainless steel body and comes with a blue suede leather strap.

Special Edition Black watch model has a matte gun-metal black body and comes with a black genuine leather strap with a stylized texture.

These are prototypes, and we are still fine-tuning the dial mask colors and materials, so they are subject to very minor improvements and changes.

The watch features two distinct modes, FIXED and FLEXIBLE, and you can switch between the modes with our accompanying app.

The display will be updated segment by segment every 15 minutes in FLEXIBLE mode following the hour hand. In this mode, you always see the next 12 hours.

With FIXED mode the display is completely updated every 12 hours and you can set the starting hour in the App. You can chose what you want the watch to show, for example maybe your work day from 9AM to 9PM, or 7AM to 7PM. It’s up to you!

In Flexible mode, the watch shows next 12h from the hour hand
In Flexible mode, the watch shows next 12h from the hour hand
In Fixed mode, the watch always shows a Fixed 12h period of your choosing
In Fixed mode, the watch always shows a Fixed 12h period of your choosing

Automatic Time Syncing

The analog movements of the watch are synced with the digital components and the app. So the hands are automatically adjusted to the right time – even when you travel to different timezones.

After a time-zone change, hands automatically sync to the right time

After a time-zone change, hands automatically sync to the right time

Tapping Input 

By double tapping the watch, it shows your next 12-24h schedule for 5 seconds in both fixed and flexible modes. The watch also vibrates for 0.3 seconds as feedback. After, the display refreshes again and displays 0-12h schedule.

With a triple tap the time and schedule are synced immediately with your phone (otherwise the watch automatically syncs every 15 minutes). The watch responds with two short rapid 0.3 second vibrations and an animation.

When in airplane mode, a triple tap will wake up the watch and turn on the Bluetooth.

Power Saving

When the watch has not detected any movement for 15 minutes, the watch enters its power-saving mode. This is visualized by the second hand stopping at the 12 o’clock position, while the hour and minute hands will continue to show the time. As soon as motion is detected, the second hand will jump to the correct time.


The watch notifies you by vibrating and by blinking the particular segment according to the alert time you have set on your calendar. 

Blinking with two back-to-back meetings
Blinking with two back-to-back meetings

Time accuracy:±15 seconds per month (23℃ ± 5℃, 73F ± 41℃)
Operation temperature: 0℃ to +45℃ (32F to 113F)
Battery life:~3 weeks 
Battery: Li-ion (3.7V, 100mAh), 1pc 
Watch keeps 48h schedule
Waterproof: 5 ATM
Assembled in China

Stainless steel case
Domed sapphire hardened glass
Modern quick release strap
Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 E-paper Display
Phone connected analog 3-hands movement 
Vibration sensor
Rechargeable battery with a changing station

Dimensions in millimeters
Dimensions in millimeters

From the beginning, it was crucial that the watch should not become another device that needed charge daily. Even with continuous syncing with the digital calendar we have been able to make the battery to lasts for weeks. We are confident to say 3 weeks. The watch keeps your calendar even when your smartphone dies. 

The watch will notify you that the battery is running low by moving the second-hand in 5-second intervals when the battery level is less than 10%, and in 15-second intervals when the battery level is less than 5%.

The watch comes with a charging station, which is being designed as we speak. We’ll update this page if we get it ready before the Kickstarter campaign ends.

Our free application functions as a tool to manage the settings of your watch, not as a calendar.  All calendar related functions are completed in the digital calendar of your choosing. 

With the app you can:

– See the watch’s battery level
– Switch between the Fixed and Flexible modes 
– Switch between calendars 
– Set and choose the watch to include several calendars 
– Set the watch to airplane mode 
– Set alarms 
– Put the watch into the power saving mode

Our application and the watch currently sync with the following calendars: iCalendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, Facebook Events, Yahoo!, Yandex, and we will be adding more on the way. Any other calendar suggestions are greatly appreciated.

As a unique design feature, we have extended the lugs to travel through the sides of the watch, giving it a very distinctive look.

We have also made them interchangeable, allowing you to swap in differently colored lugs to create a unique timepiece. Changing the lugs with the provided tool is quick, so you can tailor the watch to match your mood or outfit.

 And the same with sound effects. 

 miniatura de video del proyecto

Changing the watch face, lugs and wristbands provides a virtually endless possibility of combinations. The lugs can be pre-ordered with your Kickstarter pledge by selecting the options with lugs and/or wristbands, or ordered separately when the product comes to market. 

The options for the extra wristbands are for Unlimited package.

The options for the extra lug colors for the Limited/Unlimited packages.

The wristbands and lugs can also be bought separately when the product comes to market.

A special tool for changing the lugs comes with the package.

The team has designed and manufactured a similar watch with an E-Paper display and Bluetooth connectivity, that is already on the market. It’s called Stop-the-Time Watch. The concept: When life brings you joy that seems too good to be true, Stop-the-Time watch lets you stop the time to mark the moment on the watch face and pair it with a detailed story in the accompanying app. By marking these memorable moments, you create your own unique pattern of moments on the watch face. Read more at www.whatwatch.com

Stop-the-Time watch is available in several styles
Stop-the-Time watch is available in several styles
Stop-the-Time watch in the Press
Stop-the-Time watch in the Press
Contact Information:

Masashi Kawamura

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