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Mar 1, 2016 11:00 AM ET

Archived: Bloomberg Nation, the Grassroots Movement to Elect Mike Bloomberg, Unleashing National Campaign

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 1, 2016

BloombergNationNEW YORK— Bloomberg Nation has mobilized an army of digital influencers ready to begin a massive social media campaign when Mike Bloomberg announces his candidacy for President. “Bloomberg Nation has lined up the social media resources needed to take the digital airwaves. We’ve aggregated communities of over 2,000,000 influencers with a social media reach of over 300,000,000 followers who we are activating to unite the nation. Bloomberg Nation believes that in order to unite our country, we need to stand together and elect the most inspiring leader for office,” said Richard Hecker, Chairman of Bloomberg Nation.

Over the past month, Bloomberg Nation has developed the infrastructure to catalyze a Bloomberg presidency through digital grassroots organizing and viral content creation. Social influencers will be supported by a viral content studio that will produce entertaining, multi-media content that is positive, inspiring and designed to be shared.

“We believe that Mike Bloomberg is most qualified for office — a person of action with a track record of results,” said Hecker. “Our nation cares about security and economic growth. Mike Bloomberg transformed New York, reducing crime by 32% while resurrecting its economy from a $5BN deficit to a $4BN surplus. It is time for a President who can run the country not only as its Commander in Chief, but also as the nation’s first President & CEO.”

“I’m very excited to be supporting the digital grassroots effort for Bloomberg,” says David Drake of The Soho Loft Media Group and LDJ Capital, a family office.

About Bloomberg Nation

Bloomberg Nation is an independent, grassroots movement of concerned citizens who want to see the best leader be our President. It started with an op-ed piece in TechCrunch for why the tech industry should support Bloomberg and has spread virally into a national movement for Bloomberg for President. Bloomberg Nation is led by executives who have managed large digital media platforms and created viral content at Facebook, I Heart Radio, Bebo and Giant Media. The movement harnesses the power of digital media influencers and viral content to build community. Bloomberg Nation supporters believe that Mike Bloomberg is the only leader qualified for office — a person of action with a track record of results. It’s time for an inspiring leader with a balanced perspective to unify the nation. Join the movement at www.bloombergnation.com.



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