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Feb 29, 2016 2:35 PM ET

Unicorn Poop & Zombie Entrails Stuffed Scarfs

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 29, 2016

Wonderful plushies that turn into cozy scarfs in magical ways.

About the project

Your wishes have come true! Introducing Stuffed Scarfs! Part plush, part scarf, all awesome. A perfect item for anyone with a neck who has a sense of humor and who loves Unicorns or Zombies.

Each Stuffed Scarf is a custom designed, high-quality plush featuring either Doodle the Unicorn or George the Zombie (of course, you can name yours whatever you want!). The real magic is that each Stuffed Scarf plush transforms into a neck warming scarf!

The scarfs themselves are exclusive custom fabric designs by Fun to 11. Instead of going with a pre-existing fabric design or the cheap route with digital printing, we created a custom roller printed fabric design which leaves our heavy-weight fleece scarf material fluffy and soft. You can’t find our custom fabric designs anywhere but these scarfs!

Stuffed Scarfs were designed in-house by Fun to 11’s own Jordan W Martin. We took Jordan’s designs over to Jon Schindehette at ArtOrder to turn them into reality. We have already gone through many prototype designs and are finally ready to share Stuffed Scarfs with the world!

Images of early prototypes
Images of early prototypes

Jon and his team have done an amazing job at bringing these designs to life. No corners were cut – this is premium product with durable stitching, perfectly weighted scarf material (not too heavy or too light), and our original custom designed printed fabrics.

(Add $39 for each additional Stuffed Scarf)
(Add $39 for each additional Stuffed Scarf)

Fun to 11 is a group of friends that like to make stuff and our track record is excellent. We have already run seven successful Kickstarter projects – all of which are now real live products out in the world. All but one of those projects shipped on time or early, and the other shipped just one week late.

“Fun to 11 has run some of the most efficient game Kickstarters I have seen, and I have backed nearly 50 projects. They excel in communication, and keep you updated every step of the way.” – Val Cassette, another happy Fun to 11 backer

With Stuffed Scarfs, we are working with ArtOrder, the publishing group that is dedicated to bringing creatives dreams to life. They are amazing, and we can’t recommend them enough. Jon over at ArtOrder has been making amazing products for decades and if you have a product idea, he can probably help you make it a reality.

If you’re new to Kickstarter, pledging is easy. Just pick the option you want from the right and click on it to get that reward level. If you want an extra scarf, just add $39 to your pledge. Just add in that amount of extra money before finishing your pledge.  After the campaign we will send out surveys to ask which Stuffed Scarf (or scarfs!) you want.

Example: If you want two Unicorn Poop Stuffed Scarfs, Instead of paying $49, pledge $88 ($49 for the first one and $39 for the second one). We’ll ask which Stuffed Scarfs you want.

If you have a store and would like to carry Stuffed Scarfs, contact us directly.

Contact Information:

Luke Peterschmidt

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