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Feb 29, 2016 8:42 AM ET

Archived: MAY & HUGO Eco Swimwear – Support a cleaner planet

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 29, 2016


MAY & HUGO is an Eco Swimwear label that uses and supports an intelligent and sustainable way to create products by recycling!


The concept label was founded in 2015 by Emily MAY Tait and Marcos HUGO Bello. Emily is from the small town of Bellingen on the East Coast of Australia. She studied a Bachelor of Design specialising in fashion and went on to work in the Australian swimwear industry after completing her studies. Marcos is from Tenerife in the Canary Islands. He studied audio visual communications and has worked in various roles within the photography and video industry. They are now based in Sydney, Australia.




One year ago, we were both working in the fashion industry. We were appalled by the amount of waste created, and the disregard for the environmental impact of the companys’ practices. We decided there was only one way to make a change and help the planet, so we both quit our jobs to create the eco-friendly label- MAY & HUGO. Now we design and produce swimwear using first grade sustainable fabric.

Check out this collection in motion:     THE BEACHES ’16 VIDEO LOOKBOOK



The fabric we use is made from recycled post-consumer waste. Items such as abandoned fishing nets, carpets, plastic bottles, clothing and more are rescued from oceans and landfill, broken down into raw material and re-spun into yarn to make the fabric. 
This process not only reduces worldwide waste, but also requires much less energy than producing the yarn from virgin materials!      



We’ve designed and produced our first 2 collections in small quantities, which we’ve been selling through our website and in high-end markets, where we have direct contact with our customer. We now know exactly what our customer wants and we’re ready to start producing bigger numbers and expand our range to include men and children’s swimwear.


Along with our second collection, we released a capsule collection using a new and innovative double layered fabric, which allows styles to be seamless, reversible and have raw edges.

This means no elastic which can dig in all the wrong places. These styles literally flew off the shelf so we decided to design an entire collection with this fabric. We have sampled the collection and tried and tested each style on friends and family. Everyones feedback has been the same- We have created swimwear that is amazingly comfortable, flattering, and functional!

We want to produce our third collection in bigger numbers, meaning we can keep the costs down and we won’t sell out of popular styles so fast! When you help fund this project, you can be amongst the first to get your hands on this unique, cutting-edge new swimwear. 



For the last 8 months we have put all of our energy and hard earned savings in to this project. We have even given up the comfort of a home and have been living in a van and working at public libraries or the homes of friends and family.



$20,000 will allow us to manufacture larger quantities, give us the funds we need to expand our range to include men’s and children’s swimwear, help with our marketing costs and to rent a work space.
If we don’t reach our goal, all the funds will still go in to producing this collection and expanding our range, just in smaller numbers.


Facing The Facts

Did you know.. 

 there’s over 76 million tons of global textile production annually and 20% of global production waste comes from the textile and apparel sectors  !!

 It can take more than 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton; equivalentto a single T-shirt and pair of jeans !! 

We need your help to spread the word and help make the world a better place. We have a dream to not just create our own successful label, but to influence other labels to work more sustainably. We believe the fashion industry can be turned around. We want to promote consumerism that works on a circular economy, but to do this we need to get word out and grow MAY & HUGO.



Like with all projects, we know we have challenges to face. What can make swimwear difficult to sell all year round is that it’s very seasonal. But while it’s winter here in Australia, it’s summer in the northern hemisphere! We’ve already started working with a PR team in NY to build our brand awareness up there, and drive more traffic to our website, where we ship worldwide!
Between us we have over 7 years experience in the fashion industry and we know what it takes to build a successful label. Every cent raised will help us towards our goal.
Make a pledge in this campaign and vouch for a sustainable future for fashion! 
If you’re not in a position to make a donation but still want to help, you can! Share this campaign through your social media channels and help get the word out- the more people that know about us, the better!


Contact Information:

Emily Tait

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