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Feb 28, 2016 3:31 PM ET

Archived: Maloka: New Sacred Temple Space

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 28, 2016

The story of the project

We are sending our blessings to you all & deep deep thanks to the community that has gathered with us over the past 4 years. Thank you for all your love and support and being a part of the ever growing community of fellow seekers of truth, for sharing life with us and for opening your hearts and trusting the flow and our medicines

In returning from our recent adventure to la mama selva in the amazonas

A clear vision and prayer came to us from our beloved mamacita
to help us all spread our wings wider
and to put this prayer out there to everyone


To Co-Create and build together a  

New Sacred Temple Space             
             ( Maloka )

Ceremony on our land 


To Community/Crowd fund a New Sacred Temple Space for the Community. 

A Transformational Space for Sacred Healing Circles. 
A Sacred Place of belonging and an Open Heart Space 
for us all to come and heal, open, dream, pray, sing, and celebrate together the wonderment of life. 
Strengthening within and growing into all we know we all can be.

To help get this Inspiring project off the ground 
we are humbly asking for your help & support to birth this big prayer

We are Dreaming Wild and would love to raise ….
which will bring this Dream alive
so we can truly sit in sacred circle
in the healing light 
and receive the teachings and love from our dear mama

Thank-you all for your precious time and connecting in to our prayer/dream/project for the community
and thank-you for your understanding 
in us humbly asking for your help 
to make this prayer come alive

much love
and deep prayers
of sweet rhythms, grace & respect

River y Sali

How the funds will be used

All monies raised will go towards the new temple

An amazing new fully kitted 30ft Mongolian Yurt from our friends at Pacific Yurts     
Designed to accomodate all the seasons on our land up here in the mountains
As well, your contribution will also help fund the Temple’s
Decking, Flooring & Insulation, the Entrance Room, Slow Combustion Fire, Lighting & Sound plus more.. 

So if you are feeling to pour some energy towards the temple, 
we are totally open to receiving your love..


Please note… We haven’t set up a rewards program for this project.
The reward is the deep knowingness the profound work that will unfold in the temple
and how many lives and families your contribution will be helping,..


here are some examples of a similar vibe..
our vision is obviously a little different…

Contact Information:

River & Sali Sun

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