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Feb 27, 2016 5:30 PM ET

Archived: Hairy Brown Debut EP

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 27, 2016
In the beginning of 2009 I started a journey and decided to never cut my hair again. Very quickly this spontaneous decision became much more: a love affair of hair, a love affair of life, a love affair of music. It was about changing and letting myself evolve into the person I wanted to be. My journey took me around Australia, through Asia and to Europe, always with my guitar at my side. I lived in Berlin for a couple of years, learnt a new language, met meine Frau, gigged and sat in a recording studio for the first time with a beautiful bunch of musicians from all over the world. My hair has been with me through it all: top knots, man buns, hair out or hair up, plaiting, braids… like music, hair can be an expression.

my hair and I

— Time for a haircut? —

When I set-up in Melbourne three years ago I started working at the Royal Children’s Hospital running music workshops for young people living with chronic illness – some of the strongest and wisest people I have met. Long hair in a children’s hospital has its funny moments “are you a boy or a girl?”…. #longhairdontcare. It also has its harder moments “can I have your hair, I lost mine.” The first time I heard this my hair decided it would eventually travel on without me.

This EP will be my hairs final hoorah but I need your help to make the final chop…when we reach the total funding  I will chop off my lively head of hair and donate it to the cancer council. One lucky (and probably crazy) pledger will have the pleasure of cutting my hair off themselves…live at a gig (we’ll figure out the details).

few of the music crew from the Royal Children’s Hospital

— The EP —

Over the 7 years it’s taken me to become a man-with-long-hair, I’ve also grown as a human and written songs about the journey, 7 of which the band and I recorded in January this year. We worked with the amazing producer, Marty Brown (Clare Bowditch, Art of Fighting, Flyying Colours, Anna Cordell) at Standalone Studios and are really excited about what we’ve created!

at Standalone Studios (from left to right: Michael, Ken, Harry, Connor, Greta & Marty)

— The pledge and the Rewards —

I’m an independent musician and the band and I need your help to get this new recording out into the world. The funding  we raise will go towards finishing off the recording and releasing the EP: mixing & mastering, the EP artwork, printing CDs  and the making of our first music video. Then we will set out around the country to share what we’ve created.
There are a lot of great rewards up for grabs so have a read through and see if anything jumps at you. If you have any questions about rewards/house concerts/lawn mowing please contact me.

— A band of well haired people —

My hair and I have made a bunch of friends with hair, some of those friends are very talented musicians who honor us often by making music with us. Ken Harris and his hair play double bass, Connor Hicks and his hair play violin and Greta Korthaus and her hair can sing like that hairstyle is never going out of fashion. We’ve been gigging heaps and working on these songs until our hair is wet with sweaty goodness, we are ready!

alley bassballers and their hair

— A bit more about my hair and I —

My hair and I have lots of adventures…. we like to go to the beach and pick up rubbish together with a heap of other people and their hair, we love to play songs at events that help raise awareness about plastic pollution in Port Phillip Bay. My hair and I are passionate about community, about acting locally while thinking globally, about doing our bit to protect our environment. By pledging you become a part of our community and that’s rad!

Williamstown Beach Patrollers and their hair

— EP artist and her hair —

Goodie is an amazing contemporary artist with a lovely head of hair. She’s based in Melbourne and designed this gig poster for us back in October last year. We loved it so much, that with your help, we’re going to get her to design the EP cover using the themes of evolving, change, music and life. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with!


— The mixed bag artists have lovely hair —

Three of my favourite artists have kindly donated CD’s to the project to hep us reach the target, their beautiful music will be part of “Harry’s mixed bag” reward. Some great hair going on here! Give them a listen and some love with the links below.

1. The April Maze

——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- 2. Anna Cordell

3. The Twoks


— The chef and his hair —

This Italian man and his hair will cook you pasta like you’ve never tasted it before. The band will be around to help you eat that pasta and play some tunes. Plus my very talented sister will supply you with some handmade, limited edition, screen printed Harry Brown Musik napkins from her label Little Brown Dog. There’s only five of these intimate dinners up for grabs:)

Paolo practising yoga in the kitchen…that hair!

Little Brown Dog napkins….imagine this minus the bugs:)


As an independent musician the greatest challenge is financing your music, with the money in the bank we’ll be able to finish off this recording and share it with you all.
Contact Information:

Harrison Brown

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