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Feb 26, 2016 9:00 AM ET

Archived: The Zipper Dress: Engineered to Change with You

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 26, 2016

The Problem:

The fact is simple: women buy clothing for every occasion. Yes, we like to shop, but our clothing needs are also constantly changing. We are expected to have our regular wardrobe, a separate wardrobe while we are pregnant and, of course, something to wear postpartum. The Poppyseed team noticed that there are very few garments that can take women seamlessly from one stage to another. There are boxy silhouettes that will fit at any stage, there are maternity options that won’t be worn after those nine months, but there are very few products that are made to change their shape while we do. What if there was a dress that did just that? A dress you could wear before, during and after pregnancy, all while feeling sexy and confident. 

The Solution: 

Engineer a dress that transforms with the wearer, allowing one dress to be worn through every stage of life.

“Inspired by my sister who wanted a dress she could wear before, during and after pregnancy, The Zipper Dress solves a problem I saw facing my friends and sisters and now myself. This dress is the solution to your wardrobe needs.” 

-Rebekah Adams founder and creator of Poppyseed

The Zipper Dress: 

Dual separating zippers sewn onto inverted front pleats allows our dress to change its shape, while back and front darts keep it clean and sleek. 

Made to be worn before, during and after pregnancy, our dress is one of the few garments that you can count on always fitting. 

There are many ways to wear this dress, and we are convinced that it will bring you from one season of life to another.

 We Need You: 

Three years after our initial concept for this dress we have the patterns and samples perfected. We have honed in our design and are ready to see this come to life. We’ve sourced the perfect ponte knit fabric and quality notions. This product will be proudly Made in America at a factory in Los Angeles that is ready to start production. Now we need your help to raise funds for the factory’s minimum order. 

Exclusively for Kickstarter, we are offering a discounted rate of $149 for our dress (25% off retail price of $199), and $249 for two (38% off retail price of $398). Once this reward is fully backed this offer will no longer be available!  

We believe in this product. We believe that it solves a problem in the industry that family, friends and co-workers have brought to our attention. Help bring this project to life and be a part of the solution. 


We recommend ordering your pre-pregnancy size as this dress changes with you.
We recommend ordering your pre-pregnancy size as this dress changes with you.
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