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Feb 26, 2016 12:10 PM ET

StarkBrite: Searchlight, Personal Light, Always Ready for Action

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 26, 2016

Dispel The Darkness: Be Always Ready For Action

Life is meant for living.  The right gear makes that possible.  Whatever happens you want to be able to meet things head on.  Seeing clearly, no matter what the ambient light situation is makes for clearer choices.  

With powerful light illuminating your path, you won’t miss a thing.  Knowing you have hours of supply you can achieve so much more.   The bucket list can be knocked off faster.

Go further, do more, with a rugged, bright light source that leaves you free to do anything your mind challenges you to achieve.  Do it in comfort.

There is a whole world out there to be explored and enjoyed.  The more time you have free the more you want to be able to do.  Use the most efficient, robust technology to do so.  And at a price you can afford.


Introducing The Starkbrite Searchlight

From the land of Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Ernest Rutherford, Sir Peter Blake, Sir Peter Jackson, Bruce McLaren, the Wells brothers, Valerie and Steven Adams, the All Blacks, Lorde, Weta Workshops, the Hamilton jet, the Britten motorbike and the first country with women’s suffrage comes the StarkBrite Searchlight personal headlight.

Named after Dame Freya Stark, the British woman explorer, traveller and writer who pushed the boundaries of adventure with her bold, lone searchings in some of the most forbidding and dangerous areas of the planet.  

Always seeking to experience life with the local people rather than the cosseted expatriate’s lifestyle she revealed extraordinary stories of cultures and vistas almost unknown.  Recognised for her unique insights and abilities during her hundred year long life, she received many high awards and proved invaluable in times of major conflict.

Always ready for action whether in power outages, facilitating repairs and expanding your choices in lighting times and brightness, for your enjoyment, safety and security, the StarkBrite Searchlight utilises the best LED emitter supplier’s latest technology.  Cree Inc is constantly pushing the boundaries for efficient, earth-friendly illumination. 

Paired with a super-strong chassis and high-power, long-lasting, repeatedly rechargeable energy supply enables you to extend boundaries for enjoying all life has to offer.


Designed To Maximise Your Lifestyle

Rugged, long-lasting and bright!


Having An Impact

As a contributor to the StarkBrite Searchlight campaign you will be part of a force for good in this world in bringing more effective alternative energy initiatives.  The huge efficiencies of LEDs supplied from world-leading technology experts of Cree Inc in North Carolina supply brilliant white light at lowest power demands.  

Achieving success in this relatively small area of our energy needs will establish a track record and avenue to enable more complex energy products to be quickly launched to the world.

We are just at the beginning of what great ideas and crowd enthusiasm in funding can achieve.


My Story

From a medical background, but with an interest since my teenage years in energy production, I see how wide is the lag between what is being developed and our ability to get our hands on it. 

With each one of our futures being dependent on more rapid adoption of effective technologies I have launched this StarkBrite Searchlight campaign as the start of a series of initiatives to make early supply of such technologies available in the shortest possible time.

With your help we can be part of a massive change for cutting edge, efficient, best practice alternative energy adoption in our challenged world.




Risks & Challenges

I need to make the minimum goal to get the Starkbrite Searchlight out to the world.  This will allow general production to be arranged.

That being achieved, with the prototype already in hand, apart from production time, there should be no foreseeable problems.

With widespread support supply will be determined, according to generous production capacity, in the order support was registered.


Other Ways You Can Help

Can’t contribute financially at this point?  No problem.  There’s still many other ways to make this project a reality.  

Help get the story out there amongst your friends and connections.  You never know who might be keen to be involved as well.  Give them a chance.

Share the links to this page.  Share on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter or wherever you most like to hang out. 

Contact Information:

Mark Denekamp

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