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Feb 26, 2016 3:03 PM ET

Archived: Senseye, Inc. is working on breaking down the barriers between man and machine

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 26, 2016

Senseye, Inc.

Senseye, Inc. Logo

Senseye, is working on breaking down the barriers between man and machine. We are building a computer that can fully understand a users thoughts and emotions via the eye. The eye really is the window to the soul.

Our moonshot, Human-Computer Symbiosis, will revolutionize the way humans communicate with technology, using a unique, sensory interface technology we’ve developed, creating a direct link from a computer to a human’s mind. It will solve future computing issues through the creation of a groundbreaking DNA processor. We’re using DNA to revolutionize the speed and capabilities of the modern computer to create the next generation in computing, right now.

Together, through the use of a smart contact lens, computers will have real-time access to human emotions, thoughts, health, and mental states. The smart contact lens will have a microscopic DNA computer and molecular sensors onboard to support this functionality. With the information collected, our smart contact lens will help with market research, the diagnoses of diseases, and early on disease detection such as strokes and heart attacks. We envision a burgeoning market of industrial, professional, and health applications based on this technology.


Chief Executive Officer
David Zakariaie

David Zakariaie

David Zakariaie – Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Senseye, Inc. Recipient of a United States Naval Research Award for research in DNA and Quantum computing (Patent #20130262818). Senseye, Inc. grew from David Zakariaie’s background in computing and science, along with his insatiable drive to explore and innovate. Supported by a hand picked team of brilliant scientists and engineers, Zakariaie looks forward to revolutionizing the future of computing through Sensory Human Interface Technology. When not developing ideas in the lab, he can be found exploring the skies – pursuing his pilot’s license, skydiving and wing walking.

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer
David Zakariaie

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