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Feb 25, 2016 8:47 AM ET

Archived: Wilcox Announces Plan to Stop Career Politicians

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 25, 2016
ORLANDO – Todd Wilcox, combat veteran, entrepreneur and candidate for the United States Senate today announced a plan to “End Career Politicians.” “I know that in order to end the mess in Washington and return our nation to a citizen government, we must stop career politicians,” said Wilcox. The five-point plan outlines Congressional term limits, an end to Congressional pensions, a call for members to read the bills before they vote, an end to creating exemptions within laws for themselves and a lifetime ban on lobbying for members of Congress. “Ours was meant to be a citizen government and term limits are the first step to ensure being a member of Congress is an act of service and not a career choice,” said Wilcox. “My five-point plan shuts down the revolving door between K Street and the Capitol by instilling an absolute, airtight lifetime ban on members being lobbyists. It ends the pension program for members, eliminates exceptions they write into law for themselves and insists they must read each and every bill.”

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