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Feb 25, 2016 10:09 AM ET

Archived: Rich-Well Farms: We produce high quality pork from heritage breed pig that are born and raised in a sustainable and natural environment

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 25, 2016

Personal Story

I grew up as a navy brat on the east coast and moved to Maine in the early 90’s where we stayed throughout the rest of my childhood. I graduated from High School in 2006. On March 14, 2005 I enlisted into the Maine Army National Guard, Just over a year after I graduated I deployed to Iraq. While deployed I was part of a Police Transition Team (PTT). As part of a PTT we were embedded with the Iraqi Police to train them in security practices. 

In December 2015, I was medically retired from the Maine Army National Guard due to injuries and illnesses sustained during my deployment to Iraq. Since retiring I have devoted myself to my other passion, farming. After struggling for years with PTSD and anxiety, I have found working with the pigs to be very therapeutic. I enjoy knowing that I am giving them the best, healthiest life, and in turn they are giving healthy food to my family and customers.

Business Description

In 2008 my wife and I moved to a piece of property that we have turned into a small homestead where we are raising our family and a variety of farm animals. We now produce high quality pork from heritage breed pig that are born and raised in a sustainable and natural environment. Our animals are free to move about freely, have access to fresh water, and wholesome feed that is specifically formulated to meet their growth needs. Our goal is to provide pork that is free of antibiotics, added hormones, growth stimulants, or animal byproducts. Our biggest challenge to date is finding affordable feed within the local area. Our currently customer base is located within the Central Maine Area and have all had great things to say about our product. We are proud to be a part of the Farmers Veterans Coalition of Maine, and carry the Homegrown by Heroes label. I have joined a large network of like-minded Military men and women committed to local, sustainable food in the state of Maine. 

Our Goals Are As Follows:

1. Establish Bulk Feed storage and supply NLT March 2016 
a. 5 ton silo priced $1800 
b. Bulk Feed $14.90 per 100lbs 
i. Savings of $12.25 per 100lbs 
c. Use Meat pig sales ?

2. Break Even Date NLT October 2016 
a. All start-up Cost Recovered 
b. Piglet and Meat Sales will cover all cost

3. Establish a relationship with a USDA Certified Processing Facility NLT June 2016

4. Expand Sales 
a. Local – Resolved (November 2015) 
b. Central Maine NLT August 2016 
c. State Wide NLT August 2017

What is the purpose of this loan?

Acquiring this loan will allow us to purchase and transport bulk feed and produce for our animals. This loan will allow us to help other veteran farms as well, since I will be able to deliver bulk feed to them as well. By traveling to purchase produce from a local supplier, I am able to cut out feed cost by 65-70 percent which will significantly help our farms. Currently I borrow a small trailer each week to transport 1000 pound boxes of feed, which limits me on how many other farms I can help on the way back through. The trailer that I have quoted is 4600 before taxes plus straps and tie downs and would allow us to double the amount of feed per trip saving us time and money.

Contact Information:


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