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Feb 25, 2016 10:50 AM ET

Archived: Project Kavanagh – Changing transport fuel to non-polluting Hydrogen

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 25, 2016

It takes less than 8 fuel fills of an average car to produce 1 ton of carbon dioxide pollution, plus other toxins and soot (source The International Energy Agency – January 2016 ).

There’s a problem we all face:

We all know that the most common fuels used for transport and electrical generation are fossil fuels. Fracking coal seam gas, nuclear energy, coal, oil and natural gas are all extracted, transported and used at huge environmental cost to this planet in both toxic and reactive waste.

All fossil fuels once used cannot be replaced within the human life cycle on earth.

There is a solution:
By contrast, Hydrogen; the most abundant element in the universe and infinitely renewable; is non toxic in it’s creation, separation and harvesting; and has no rating for innate reactivity or toxicity. The planet replenishes Hydrogen constantly and burning Hydrogen simply produces more clean water.

We can help the poorest on this planet though the low technology use of electrolysis; to provide heat for cooking; and simultaneously create safe, clean, drinking water as the by-product of burning the separated hydrogen to cook their food.

This is a low cost technology that has been willfully kept from the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. We have low cost photovoltaic panels capable of charging batteries; and batteries can be used to separate and desalinate seawater. The same technology can be used in many of the world’s most polluted rivers to provide safe, clean, drinking water as well as heat for cooking.

We can power our cars and trucks, bikes, boats and power plants with the same technology.

Think about the change this can bring to people’s lives all over the planet.

Using Hydrogen appropriately is the key element in ensuring a sustainable habitat where all existing plants and creatures, including humans can live and prosper on this tiny planet.

Replacing fossil fuels with Hydrogen will also reduce the power of those nations and despots who hold the free world to ransom, whose actions have so frequently led to financial chaos and wars around the planet.

What can YOU do to help this:

With your help, I am going to restore and convert a historic Australian ferry, the Lawrence Kavanagh to run on hydrogen separated from seawater.

An on-line, open source project; the vessel will become a visible and public demonstration showing how easily all combustion engines; like those in cars, trucks, motor bikes and boats; can be converted to run on this alternative, freely available and non-polluting fuel.

Some facts for your consideration;

• Hydrogen contains roughly 3 times more energy than an equivalent weight of petrol/gasoline or diesel vapour, which is why it is used as rocket fuel to launch space craft.

• Hydrogen when burnt in oxygen is the most efficient energy source on the planet.

• Did you know that the average car or truck engine only releases about 1/3 of the energy contained in petrol or diesel? the rest pollutes our atmosphere. Whereas Hydrogen can be burnt with almost 100% efficiency.

• There are no harmful emissions created by burning Hydrogen, the waste it produces is clean, salt-free water.

• Hydrogen is safer to use as a transport fuel than petrol, because it is lighter than air and is rapidly re-absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere. *1

• One of the new functions of the Lawrence Kavanagh will be to run differing systems for the separation of Hydrogen from seawater. These experiments will be broadcast live on a 24/7 pod-cast so that the efficiency and practicality of the various systems can be seen and compared by anyone who watches and monitors the results via the Internet.

• All the experiments and calculations used for all the tests will be revealed as open source material, for anyone to use worldwide. FREE knowledge for all, no matter what their colour, sex, religion or ethnicity.

• Universities, schools and individuals who wish to build a different type or design of hydrogen separator can apply to have their system installed alongside our initial system. This will allow direct comparison of the efficiencies and reliability of alternative methods and equipment for separating Hydrogen from seawater.

If humanity continues to extract and burn fossil fuels as we are at present; then we will continue to experience unacceptable pollution, wars and expense. That is not a legacy I am prepared to leave future generations; that is the behavior of the self interested; it is unsustainable and immoral.

PRESS THIS LINK for a 6 minute video https://youtu.be/rzDkXU_z8DQ

How Project Kavanagh will bring about change:

This project will create a highly visible platform on which we can highlight and facilitate the development of alternative Hydrogen power systems. History shows us that without the restrictions and limitations of patents or vested interests, humanity can develop alternative technologies much faster and at far lower costs. But each journey starts with a single step, Project Kavanagh is one such first step.

This project will encourage the free exchange of ideas and techniques from all over the world.

Whilst the internet can ensure the exchange of knowledge; converting The Lawrence Kavanagh can allow the practical evaluation of each system against any other.

This is a project that everyone stands to benefit from. A project that anyone can participate in, no matter what your age, sex, religion, education, colour or disability; by helping Project Kavanagh reach our crowdfunding target.

This is a technology that can be applied from the forests of the Amazon to the mountains of Nepal; from the isolated ranches in Australia to the urban sprawl of China.

Change will occur when enough people choose to do something practical like supporting this project; and others join you in this activity.

What the money will be spent on:

I already have the vessel, the mooring etc. The money will be spent on lifting the boat out of the water; bringing the hull of the Lawrence Kavanagh up to the latest marine standards and regulations; constructing a hydrogen separation compartment within the hull; and to strip, service and convert the existing V8 marine engine to run on Hydrogen.

This project needs your help. There are several truly unique rewards available to match the level of support you may wish to offer. I hope you will feel as driven as my team and I are to bring about this change to a clean, low cost and infinitely replaceable fuel technology.

Thank you for considering my appeal.

Carl Ager

Project Coordinator

*1 ( Dr Michael Swain / University of Miami / 2001 / test fires / hydrogen vs petrol fueled car ). http://evworld.com/library/Swainh2vgasVideo.pdf

Team Mem

Contact Information:

Carl R Ager

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