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Feb 25, 2016 4:34 PM ET

Archived: Bird by Bird, a Tandoor in New Orleans: Delicious Indian Food in New Orleans! As seen in The Gambit, New Orleans and Me, and Eater Nola

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 25, 2016

Bird by Bird, a Tandoor in New Orleans

Delicious Indian Food in New Orleans! As seen in The Gambit, New Orleans and Me, and Eater Nola

Hello! I’m David, creator of Bird by Bird. What is Bird by Bird?  A fowl breeding operation?  A bird-watching club?  A unique area of measurement?  Nope.

Bird by Bird is an Indian/Pakistani-themed street food experience that rolls on the streets of New Orleans via a mobile, red “Box of Fire” Tandoor oven that churns out tandoori chicken, curry lamb, rice, yogurt, channa, naan bread, and many creations that were borne from years of home-cooking in my dear friend’s family kitchen.  For a little more detail, please see the video above!

My operation up until now has consisted of my Box of Fire, kitchen implements I’ve scrounged together, help from my friends, a consistent spot outside of Sidney’s Saloon on St. Bernard Avenue on the weekends, and many wonderful patrons who’ve eaten a plate!

I have recently been presented with a brick-and-mortar opportunity with a fully built-out kitchen, space to put the tandoor oven, and the ability for Bird by Bird to deliver more of its delicious plates to those who desire a good, home-cooked meal with flavors from across the globe.  

This campaign will fund the rent and costs of building out the store-front so that Bird by Bird can not only serve home-cooked Indian/Pakistani flavors to a greater audience more frequently, but also provide a space for other pop-up food operations to experiment from time to time.  

That’s right:  This campaign isn’t just about this one type of food and me, but about allowing folks to test their mettle with food.  It’s about sharing not only my food, but sharing the community that is created by cooking and eating together, which is one of the principles which inspired me to start wheeling my Box of Fire out into the streets.

As a culinary-school-trained student and native of multicultural Washington DC, I have a love of global flavors; as a traveler with lots of experience wandering Asia and South America, I love the vibrant immediacy of street food. I want to bring all of the above to my adopted hometown of New Orleans, a place that has always nurtured the mixing and development of culture through food.  

Bird by Bird – as seen in Gambit, New Orleans & Me, and Eater NOLA – is a simple idea: Be nice. Make good food. Tell your story. Share with your community.  Do everything with passion. Do those things, and the rest will follow.


The Gambit



Eater New Orleans


New Orleans and Me


What I Need & What You Get

Bird by Bird is looking for assistance to help fund our growing enterprise. We’re in the market to rent kitchen space, purchase equipment and ingredients, and doing this with an eye towards expanding the diversity and quality of our operation. Here are some places where crowdfunded resources may be spent:

Rental kitchen/counter top space/ brick and mortar: This will allow me to move my prep kitchen out of my home…which will put a smile on my face… which will allow me to make you a better plate of food.  This will also allow folks to sit and enjoy their food, as well as have access to nearby activities in the Treme, Marigny, French Quarter, and Seventh Ward.

Commercial refrigerator: Right now I’m storing meat in my fridge at home, and when that thing busts, everyone has a bad day.  

A professional quality tandoor oven: In order to make this food faster and cook bread in the oven quickly and consistently, my beautiful big red tandoor will need to be replaced. She is the first oven I ever built. She is a tremendous work horse, but it’s time to upgrade.

A commercial mixer:  BECAUSE NAAN.

Other Ways You Can Help

Keep coming out and eating! Get the word out, tell everyone you know, and please, let me know what you think!

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Contact Information:

David Robertshaw

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