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Feb 24, 2016 2:03 PM ET

Archived: Online RFPs, LLC: To become the default Online Request For Proposal (RFP) Web service for virtually all small- and medium-size businesses around the world

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 24, 2016

Co-Create Business Model

Much like AirBNB, Uber and Apple’s IOS Developer Network, Online RFPs has made “co-creation” central to our first-to-market business model. Our customers (e.g., Buyers and Suppliers) create and offer their own assets, knowledge and relationships in exchange for a share of the value generated—including revenue and profits.

Dun & Bradstreet Strategic Partnership

After a formal review of Online RFPs and after conducting numerous conference calls with Todd Klacik and Donald Hogan, who work within Dun and Bradstreet’s Third Party Partnerships & Alliances group, the decision was made by DNB to fully support Online RFPs and integrate agreed upon APIs and financial services into the Online RFPs website. Their contract is in-hand waiting for my signature.


After disclosing the details of my new e-Business to potential employees, I have been able to persuade industry-leading talent to join my company.

More About Online RFPs, LLC

Online RFPs is the next-generation Request For Proposal (RFP) web service and mobile app that not only harnesses the inherent value and power of the traditional RFP process, but also introduces a new set of e-services and business methods that effectively address many of the historical issues and shortcomings commonly associated with the RFP process today. Our universal RFP service accommodates virtually any commercial RFP in virtually any business to business (B2B) marketplace in the world. It is simple, secure, cross-browser friendly and can accommodate most of the popular devices and screen sizes in the market today. In addition, since all contacts and documents are stored securely in the “cloud”, all customers (and their teams) will have quick and easy access to all their RFP-related documents, proposals and negotiations in real-time.


Contact Information:

Online RFPs, LLC

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