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Feb 24, 2016 2:28 EST

Dysrupts: evolving the Internet, connecting people without relying on their service providers

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 24, 2016

Dysrupts will provide the next evolution of the Internet. Where ISPs limit your use we’re finding ways for you to connect without having to rely on your service provider

Dysrupts is evolving the Internet, connecting people without relying on their service providers.

We are technologists and engineers who are passionate about bringing people together. Even though technology surrounds us, barriers still prevent us from making meaningful connections with each other. We believe that by redefining technology and by putting the power of the internet in the hands of people, we can take down these remaining barriers. Promoting stronger bonds through more frequent dialog, Dysrupts provides a much lower barrier of entry to online interaction than a traditional ISP.

Dysrupts is a service that enables direct, peer-to-peer connection across many mobile devices using apps you already use. We’ll also be phasing in support for traditional services such as chat and voice.

At a local level people are able to connect directly to each other for free. As these local networks merge, devices allow people further away to connect through intermediary devices in a “first available” way.

Dysrupts will scale to very large dynamic networks eliminating the need for a centralized service provider as much as possible, but also allows for intelligently connecting to traditional networks when Dysrupts nodes aren’t available.

Optimizing (faster speeds, etc.) will be available through paid-for services. This information is also valuable to content providers such as Google and Netflix to ensure greater access to their services.

The internet is the primary way we share and communicate but people aren’t taking advantage of it as much as they could. For many years, ISPs have been raising prices in order to afford more and more expensive infrastructures rather than innovating the industry. Substandard service, expense, privacy fears, blocks to content providers like Twitter, and severe weather or crisis motivates us to reinvent the internet. Our ideas have been met with excitement in several markets around the world


Our model requires trust as device owners who don’t know each other will be passing data from unknown people. This may limit some markets due to trust issues. Data encryption and modern security standards will be built into Dysrupts by default. These standards and a dedication of our business model to transparency will maximize trust and user acquisition.

We are tied to mobile adoption rates but there are more than 7 billion devices world-wide according to https://gsmaintelligence.com/. Another trend is to only rely on mobile devices and forgo traditional internet connection. In places where this infrastructure isn’t available, the reliance on mobile devices is much higher. We are seeking out these markets to maximize user interest and are keeping costs down by focusing on platforms already deployed eliminating the need to invest and field dedicated infrastructure.


Contact Information:

Jason Gagne

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