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Feb 24, 2016 12:11 PM ET

Archived: Dentistry Centers of America, Inc. – an industry-transforming Corporate Group Dental Practice & Service Organization : Recognizing the opportunity, 25 Venture Capital firms have recently invested in Corporate Dentistry.

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 24, 2016

Dentistry Centers of America, Inc.

Dentistry Centers of America, Inc. Logo

DCOA is an industry-transforming Corporate Group Dental Practice & Service Organization forecasted for 100 practices & $100 million within 3 years. Recognizing the opportunity, 25 Venture Capital firms have recently invested in Corporate Dentistry.

The traditional model of solo dentists & several staff members working 2 – 3 days a week
in a single location represents tremendous inefficiency, disproportionate overhead & poor ROI. Dentists are rarely well-versed in business management & most dislike it.

DCOA manages all business aspects of each practice so clinical staff can focus solely on delivering an exceptional patient experience & care. DCOA’s Shared Services Center centralizes back office operations like claims processing, purchasing, accounting, legal, IT, real estate/facilities, insurance, training and marketing with fewer staff and streamlined processes.

The longer term vision includes building a nationwide organization offering a transforming “Total Health” approach of general & specialty dentistry combined with ancillary medical services. To provide context of dental industry fragmentation, 145 locations would place DCOA in the top 10 nationally & 200 locations would place it in the top 5. The industry is ripe for consolidation.

The initial step toward executing this plan is the acquisition, expansion & growth of 15 – 20 practices in the Phoenix, Arizona, market in the first 12 months of operations. Due diligence has already begun on 8 – 10 practices there that meet our desired criteria of at least $1 million in annual revenues, six treatment rooms, dedicated staff, high-growth mode & healthy margins.

Practices there can be acquired for approximately 70% of annual revenues & corporate practices structured like DCOA enjoy net profit margins of 25+%. DCOA will use its expertise in growing dental practices to grow revenues at a forecasted 2% per month as detailed in the Business Plan.

DCOA seeks $5 million in secured debt financing (incrementally among multiple parties or in a single transaction) as partial funds needed for the Phoenix acquisitions & launch.

Products / Services

General & Specialty Dental Services and Ancillary Medical Services

DCOA has developed a premier patient experience that is designed to ensure a desire to return & to elicit referrals of friends & family members. Through fulltime staff & contracted specialists that will rotate through our facilities, DCOA will provide comprehensive care including general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, pedodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, etc.

To deliver on its “Total Health” approach, we will partner & cross-refer patients with other healthcare providers to diagnose & treat ancillary medical conditions like sleep apnea, diabetes, HPV/oral cancer, acid reflux, smoking cessation, diet/nutrition, as well as aesthetic injections. These represent growth opportunities at significant margins & billable to medical insurance.

DCOA is committed to providing its patients with:

• Respect and compassion
• Open communication
• High-quality care
• Comfortable offices and treatments
• Modern technology
• Convenience in location, scheduling and financing



Chief Executive Officer
Jerry Justice

Jerry Justice

During a 30+ year executive, consulting and entrepreneurial career, Mr. Justice’s global experience spans public, private, start-up and fast growth companies across several industries. His expertise includes management consulting, optimizing business and financial results (including use of shared services centers domestically and globally), sales management, mergers & acquisitions, finance, regulatory management, law & taking companies both public and private. As CEO of DCOA, Mr. Justice leads our strategy and growth and focuses on the execution of our business plan, ensuring maximum value to all stakeholders. He is a frequent volunteer in various causes and has served on the Boards of Directors of a variety of organizations.

Chris Tran

Chris Tran

Mr. Tran’s career as a dental industry executive and consultant prepared him for his role as President of DCOA. His accomplishments in the industry have been award-winning and record setting. He has an
established record in taking new products / services from zero revenues to global recognition and distribution. Mr. Tran leads field operations working with our local offices in developing best practices, team recruitment and development, patient experiences, practice marketing, process improvements and leadership coaching.

Vice President Finance
Karen Lee

With 30+ years of Finance & Accounting experience including as a Corporate Controller for multiple organizations, Ms. Lee serves as the Vice President of Finance & Corporate Controller for DCOA. In addition to oversight of the DCOA corporate finance and accounting functions, Ms. Lee is responsible for establishing and managing the Shared Services Center and is heavily involved in the integration of affiliated practices.

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer
Jerry Justice

Chris Tran

Vice President Finance
Karen Lee

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