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Feb 24, 2016 12:45 PM ET

Archived: Bake Me Happy: A wholesale, gluten free bakery – committed to making your next bite the most decadent thing you have tried since sliced bread

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 24, 2016
Personal Story

When Wendy (right) was self diagnosed with a gluten intolerance in 2006, she immediately felt relief from a life of digestive issues. But a new issue arose, her food choices lacked flavor and texture and her choices of what to eat became limited. Wendy began her journey into the world of gluten free cooking and baking. After many years of self study, she decided to take an immersion course at the acclaimed Culinary Institute of America and began trying recipes out on unsuspecting friends. Soon friends and family began asking for treats for their parties, and they were not even gluten intolerant. Wendy knew her fresh baked goods were ready for the public.
So, Wendy and Letha (left) decided to take the plunge and open their own bakery. Bake Me Happy is committed to making your next bite the most decadent thing you have tried since sliced bread. Satisfy your next craving with a baked good that won’t crumble to dust and leave you feeling like there is no pleasure in food. Wendy is a part of the community she serves, understanding the importance of what she does, and also knows that you cannot rush a perfect recipe.

Business Description

Bake Me Happy is a wholesale, gluten free bakery. We’re often asked how we got started in the gluten-free business. The short answer is that within our own family we discovered an intolerance to gluten that necessitated a change in diet. The broader answer is that, because we personally know how it feels to require a not-quite-mainstream diet, we’re committed to making it easier for other gluten-free folks to enjoy delicious food that doesn’t separate them from their gluten-full friends and family. For us, it’s not enough to make a passable gluten-free substitute; we’d rather create something that everyone in the house, office or restaurant, or at the party will enjoy. We love spreading the love, and we’ll always go the extra mile to bring people together and make them feel special. Why? Because we get responses like these:
“Better than ANY gluten-filled cookie.”
“I am a devoted customer for life.”
“Better than the original.”
“Best Peanut Butter Cookie. Ever.”

What is the purpose of this loan?

Bake Me Happy will use this loan to acquire assistance with marketing and PR. The loan will assist us with updating our website as well as developing increased media presence and press releases. We believe that we are gaining momentum in the Columbus, Ohio area, but we need to increase our marketing for brand recognition. Bake Me Happy will benefit from the investment in marketing through increased sales in the retail as well as wholesale market.

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