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Feb 23, 2016 11:51 AM ET

Archived: SKINS Sportswear: Creator of sports gradient compression, garments aiming to innovate and grow its business in key markets

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 23, 2016

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SKINS started by applying the proven medical concept of graduated medical compression in the area of sport. Instead of using heavy stockings to assist blood flow, SKINS adapted the technology to apply different levels of compression to assist athletic bodies with the benefit of compression in movement and static recovery. The current research suggests this new application of compression in sport enhances circulation and delivers more oxygen to the muscles to help athletes perform harder for longer and recover faster.

SKINS is a sportswear company with a difference. Not only do its products make a difference to an athlete’s performance, but the company is also on a mission to show how sport can achieve positive social change. It is time for SKINS to take the next step and take advantage of the commercial opportunity that comes from connecting an emotional brand through its purpose and leveraging this with a broader product range and entering the larger adjacent non-compression sportswear category.

SKINS designs and manufactures gradient and dynamic gradient sports compression clothing and sportswear. SKINS invented the sports compression category and distributes products to markets across Europe, Oceania, North and Central America, Asia, South Africa, Russia, Israel and the Middle East.

We believe SKINS is the most technologically advanced sports compression company, leading the industry in both independent peer-reviewed scientific study and anatomical fit. It leads athlete performance in sports compression and takes a leadership role in improving the world of sport.

SKINS is poised to take the next step in growth in the markets of Australia, United Kingdom, Continental Europe and USA. Growth will come on two fronts, technology and consumer facing marketing and brand activations. SKINS intends to broaden its product ranges into the adjacent non-compression category of sportswear.

SKINS has developed further advances in technical sports compression clothing and will launch these products in August 2016 and February 2017. The brand has also developed a ‘challenger’ reputation in its marketing for taking on issues that matter to consumers, such as eliminating drug use in sport and achieving positive change. We feel this marketing is achieving brand fame, consumer admiration and loyalty as well as doing social good.


SKINS is running a parallel crowdfunding campaign on Equitise, a New Zealand based crowdfunding platform, to enable them to access Australian and New Zealand investors. Once the Equitise campaign goes live, Seedrs will reflect the funds raised on Equitise in the Seedrs campaign so that investors are aware of the full size of the round. This will be reflected under the label “Equitise Placement”. The terms of the Equitise round are substantively the same as the Seedrs round.

As the Equitise raise will be in New Zealand Dollars, Seedrs has applied a NZ$:GBP exchange rate of 0.4472.



Contact Information:

Jaimie Fuller

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